Extremely Delicious Breakfast Dishes From Around The World Will Make You Guzzle It

24 different breakfasts

We usually skip the breakfast and munch on dinner. But the importance of breakfast is being widely emphasized as it gives you the kick start for the day. In some countries, it’s just a cup of coffee and a bread while there are others that fill up the table with a wide variety of dishes.
Have a look at 26 different breakfast tables from across the world

  1. Australia

    vegemite Australia
    Some cereals, milk along with vegemite is the main component in Australian breakfast. Vegemite is a spread make from leftover yeast along with some vegetables and spices. It is used on toasts, sandwiches, and crackers.

  2. Bahamas

    Breakfast Bahamas
    The root of Bahamian breakfast is grits. It is basically hominy or corn which has been dried. When added to boiling water it forms a thick porridge. During the times of slavery, grits were given as ration. To add a little luxury, it is topped with seafood, chicken or beef.

  3. Chinese

    Chinese noodles
    Noodles are like the staple food of China. Other foods found in Chinese breakfast is rice, fried chicken, vegetables and youtiao, a kind of breadstick.

  4. Columbia

    Columbian breakfast
    There are several ways to fill the stomach in the morning in Columbia. This one is a soup known as Changua. It’s a milk and egg soup. There are also other staples like Pandebono and arepa bread.

  5. Costa Rica

    Black Beans Breakfast
    Black beans is a common occurrence on Costa Rica breakfast. It provides a good load of zinc, potassium, thiamin and iron. The food is known as Gallo Pinto which is a mix of black beans with rice and spices.

  6. Cuba

    Breakfast coffee and tostada
    Cubans like it light and simple. Just a cup of coffee, preferably café con leche along with a tostada. They dunk the bread into the coffee.
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  7. Egypt

    Ful Medames Egypt
    Ful Medames is the national dish of Egypt. History dates its existence back to the times of the pharaohs. Stewed fava beans mixed with spices and lemon juice is the base. Eggs are added for the extra jive. The food does the job of supplying iron, magnesium, phosphorus and fiber.

  8. England

    England Breakfast
    English breakfast will have a little bit of all. Some beans, eggs, sausages, pudding, mushrooms etc. In small quantities, this mix will give all the essentials required to start the day.
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  9. France

    French Croissant
    Croissants are the best when made in France. The French cannot avoid their coffee in the morning.
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  10. Germany

    Mixed BreakfastGermans have their tables filled with cheese, jam, butter, bacon, bread, juices, and coffee.

  11. Hawaii

    Fruit Hawaii Breakfast
    Hawaiians have an assortment of fresh and juicy fruits to start their day and probably they would have a bread with butter for the carbs.
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  12. Iceland

    Iceland Breakfast Porridge
    This is not very tempting, but the healthiest. The porridge here is known as Hafragrautur and contains oats along with brown sugar, melon seeds, and raisins.

  13. India

    Indian Breakfast Dosa, Iddly

    Indians have a wide variety of foods in their breakfast menu. South Indians commonly have a steamed rice paste dish known as idli or dosa along with sambhar which is a curry with various vegetables. Towards the north of India, people have parathas and pooris for breakfast.
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  14. Japan

    Japan Morning Food
    Rice is a common finding in Japanese breakfast along with tofu, fish and seaweed. Omelets are also specifically made and known as tamagoyaki. It’s eaten with sips from a cup of green tea.

  15. Jordan

    Jordan breakfast
    Falafel and hummus form a part of the platter. These would some bit of non-veg foods like lamb, turkey or beef. Olive oil is the main cooking oil used.

  16. Malaysia

    Malaysia Nasi Lemak
    Nasi Lemak is a popular dish of Malaysia loved by people across the globe. It is rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. The plate has several other side dishes like fish, peanut, noodles and even chicken.

  17. Mexico

    Mexican Breakfast
    They have to topos which are same as tortilla chips. It is mixed with sauces, avocados and fried egg. The variety of add-on differs according to the taste buds.

  18. Pakistan

    Pakisthani Breakfast
    Pakistanis have exquisite breakfasts. Nihari is a soup made of beef or mutton for breakfast.

  19. Peru

    Peru Breakfast
    Ceviche is like the national dish of Peru. It is made from seafood marinated in citrus juice with the tangy taste of spices in addition to it.

  20. Russia

    Russian Breakfast
    Russian pancakes are also known as oladi’s. Unlike pancakes, they are soft inside and fried outside. They are eaten like bread with jam or honey.

  21. Sweden

    Swedish Pancakes
    Swedish pancake is known as Pannkakor. It is not thick like the normal pancake but is more like crepes and served with filling.

  22. Turkey

    Turkish Breakfast
    As in the picture, it is mostly fresh vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers, omelets, cheese and olives in addition to green tea or coffee.

  23. The United States of America

    Breakfast of United States.
    Typical American breakfast will have pancakes along with maple syrup and honey. Sausages, bread etc. are also found.
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  24. Vietnam

    Vietnamese Breakfast
    The breakfast soup of Vietnam is called Pho. Pho comprises of several vegetables, sausage, peanuts and spices in bone broth.

Is it your breakfast time? Tell us what you had for breakfast today.