Every Independent Woman Was Once A Weak Girl Who Said ‘Enough Is Enough’

Enough is Enough

For every time she was thrashed down by the one she trusted the most and she had to stand up on her own.

For every night she spent crying wondering if she would ever be enough for them.

It was in all the wars she fought for people who wouldn’t even pick up the sword for her.

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It was in every silly excuse they gave her and she believed them for she could never muster the courage to confront them.

It was in every explanation she had to give even though they were the ones at fault.

But every strong woman was once a weak girl who endlessly doubted herself and wasn’t able to hold her ground even though she was right.

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But one day she stood up and claimed, ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’.

Every weak girl who barely had it together promised herself that she wouldn’t settle for less anymore, she wouldn’t let anyone take her for granted anymore, and she would always put herself first.

Her confidence comes from when she continuously questioned herself for every mistake someone else made.

Her strength comes from being betrayed a million times by people who swore to stick around.

Her integrity and elegance comes from learning that she can’t depend on anyone but herself.

So if you’re thinking how she’s got it all and how she’s managing to remain calm even in the worst of situations, it’s because she held her pillow and cried way too many times.

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She decided to love herself no matter what happened and that’s helped her keep her head straight even when the world is extremely challenging.

She doesn’t play games, but she knows how to achieve her goals. Now, she knows what she deserves and there’s no way you’re ever going to break her spirit again.