These Emotional Advertisements Will Melt Your Heart Completely!

Mother By Choice

To be honest, advertisements are meant to be skipped. Mostly, people do their pending work in the ads that appear while watching their favourite TV shows.  But, few ads are worth a watch. They melt you inside out. No matter how cold hearted you are, they always exhibit the emotional side of you. If watching these emotional advertisements doesn’t make you cry, I don’t know what will!

1. Titan Raga

Among all the women-empowering titan ads, this ad is a treat to the eyes with its stirring grace. Sending the thought provoking message out in the world, that having a baby is not a burden or a sacrifice for a mother, but a choice and this is how it should be. It is about knowing that this life deserves to be enjoyed and lived to it’s fullest.

Joking about how she might not be the kind of mum who makes completely round chapatis or the one who waits for her child to come back home, the expected traits of a typical mother. She shares her memories of how her mom’s travel stories were her fairy tales and how much she loved them. The mum-to-be’s own mother is portrayed as an exceptional lady who loved her life just as much as she loved her child. Her love for her life took her to different places to explore her own-self. A PhD degree at the age of 45 sounds foolish but the about to be grand nanny did it. The film’s gist is to unwind the new codes of motherhood.

2. Vicks- Generations of care

With this ad, Vicks has rolled out the concern to human backwardness prevailing in people’s mind even while they’re living in the 21st century.

The girl acts as a protagonist in the film who talks about her family, her ‘mother’, who showered all the love upon her. Despite all challenges, she was given dreams in her eyes by her mummy who was a transgender, who faced all possible challenges in life.

We claim to live in a world where equality holds the most important place and where talking about one’s gender over their capabilities is imbecilic. Still, all of us should question ourselves if we really are neutral and unbiased towards transgenders, whether they’re treated with the same respect, given equal job opportunities and considered as important legitimate part of our society just the way they should be.

3. Samsung

Physical incapability is out of our control. Samsung, with its advertisement, brings to our limelight as to how no problem and challenge has the ability to restrict and bind us from living the life we want to live.

Being physically handicapped is what we are not responsible about. But our physical constraint should not restrain us from moving forward in our lives, leading us to our dreams, and making us successful in whatever we want to pursue in life. Barriers are made to make us stronger and to shine flawlessly than ever because we’re not the slave of our incapabilities.

4. Google

Purpose and meaning of life are what let us live to our fullest, and when that meaning is our passion too, then every moment of life turns out to be cheerful and joyous.

With the pressure of family, relationships, and friends, we often tend to lose the track of what we wanted to be in life. We forget where we dreamt of being in our lives and hence, we end up compromising the life we’re living. But it’s never too late to do what your heart wishes to do and what your soul craves for.

Follow your passion and believe in your abilities and you will touch new horizons of success.

5. Ebay

With complete diversity in products, all at a decent price, Ebay tried to make people understand that nobody can confront you for what you want to and love to do.

Your gender, your attire, your love, your age, and your profession; they’re just yours. Nobody but you has the power to do what you love to despite all the distinctions. People are judgemental, but one needs to live to fullest, working on just being happy.

Because the only important thing is that you should live entirely and joyfully and let others live too in peace.