Don’t Destroy Yourself Because He Couldn’t Give You The Love You Deserve


You’re in pain ever since he left. It’s brutal and endless. You have spent your nights crying and longing for his touch. You have re-played every fight and every argument over and over again trying to find out why it all fell apart. You have drowned yourself in the agony of wondering if he’ll ever come back.

But he isn’t supposed to. Girl, you went for war and slayed all demons for his love, but he didn’t even get up to tie his shoe lace. You don’t need a man who walks away like a coward when it is his turn to show responsibility in the relationship.

love yourself

You’re blaming yourself because you’re too much for him. Too bold. Too outgoing. Too independent. But the truth is, he was the one who tried to bring you down. He tried to take away your confidence. He tried to isolate you from everyone. He made you doubt yourself. He was the one who couldn’t deal with your power so he attempted to destroy it.

Don’t blame yourself because he wasn’t man enough to love you.

love yourself

You probably never felt so much love and passion for anyone. But consider this, if you have it in your heart to pour so much into the wrong person, imagine how many fires you can ignite for the right one.

love yourself

Sometimes, the end is the beginning of something beautiful. Sometimes, rock bottom is the foundation on which you build a wonderful life. Maybe you need to be thrown down to get back up. And maybe, you need to lose a fight to win the ultimate battle.

You are devastated because you thought he was your soul mate. You had pictured your whole life with him. Your bridal dress, the color of the walls for your baby’s room, and life after retirement. But if all that meant anything at all to him, he would choose to fight for you. But he didn’t. He left and didn’t look back. It wasn’t your fault if he didn’t realize your worth. You’re a diamond but he chose to pick up stones.

love yourself

He couldn’t give you what you wanted. He overlooked all the sacrifices you made for him because he was only concerned about his comfort. He wouldn’t even care even after you would give up the entire world for him because he was too selfish. He was all talk and yet, expected you to be perfect. But when it comes to your needs, he was nowhere to be found. You thought he was your everything, but he did nothing except ruin you.

But, you should be grateful. Grateful because he wasn’t willing to take efforts for you. Grateful because all that he did also pushed you towards the love you deserve.

love yourself

He might have said he loves you, but it wasn’t your fault he couldn’t handle your storm. You weren’t too much, he was just too little.

So get up and be your own cheerleader. Go conquer your dreams with your mind and spirit. You have all the courage to win the world.