This is How A Destination Can Look Different When It’s Photographed By A Professional Versus An Amateur


There are travel photographers who like to take photos with accurate measurement and then there are we, the normal travelers who like to take photos in a simple way.

And thus, if we compare the both peoples’ photography we can see the huge difference between the two, and that becomes especially apparent when browsing travel photos on Instagram.

Here are 13 arresting places around the world which are compared with a professional’s depiction of those places to an amateur’s.

 1. The Wave in Arizona looks majestic against a starry evening sky.


The sand’s color is looking very faded, and the sky is as normal like every day!


2. The Background is splendidly captured, this scenic beauty is of Geiranger, Norway. The umbrella adds a whimsical quality to this shot.

by Christy Woodrow

The place looks still good but not much alluring

By Focanocio


3. Such a vibrant image of Positano we get to see herescreenshot-44

By Brooke Saward


Clearly, these buildings are not looking nearly as charming in this shot. screenshot-45

By Moonengki

4. An Impressive view of Machu Picchu in Peru, reflecting good photography skills


By bucketlistbums


Just the difference of light, else the picture is not that bad screenshot-47


5. The waters of Iceland’s blue lagoon look inviting and serene in this photoscreenshot-48

By Thomas Eckhoff


This looks a happy and enjoyable snapscreenshot-49

By Hannah


6.  This snap is giving a romantic boat date dream to every couple!screenshot-50



The plaza looks a little more deserted here.screenshot-51

By Giuli


7. India’s Taj Mahal reflecting the royalty and richness in this one single snapscreenshot-52

By theplanetD


Umm.. not so in this onescreenshot-53


8. Looking scary but at same time the hazy sunlight and couple holding hands taking us to a dreamy world screenshot-54

By Johan


Not so fairytale-like but looking very peaceful, isn’t it?screenshot-55

By tomstravels92

9. This is a beautiful and unique angle of the Eiffel Tower in Paris was clicked at nightscreenshot-56

By Gary


Time and angle always matter when you click a pic, and this snap is lacking both


by Andy Kuo

10. Beautifully captured Chamarel Waterfall in Mauritius with a rainbow and lush greenery.screenshot-58

By Colerise


Everything looks dull in this snapscreenshot-59

By MarieKaalb