These Degrees Will Be Of No Use Soon In Future


This is the time when the Internet is ruling the world in terms of almost everything. Be it ordering online food, shopping, latest trends and news, medical help, etc. After Hindustan Times Shut Down Its Publishing in Few Cities, the print industry too seems in danger. People are now sending invitation cards for various functions on email, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Earlier this was done when we had acquaintances in foreign lands but now the scenario is totally different.

1. Accountancy

Most of the work these days are done online. The employees report online through the firm’s own portal. The big companies just upload their data online and the work is done. All the work related to taxes and accounts is done online. There are only a few firms who need in-house accountants.

2. Hospitality and Tourism

Again the internet is ruling here. The users are smart. If someone is visiting any place for vacations or even if for a business trip then the first thing one does it that we search on the internet for the best hotels, ways of transportation to reach that place, the major tourist attraction places, the cuisine, etc.

3. Paraprofessional or legal assistant

The government has introduced various methods and ways through which we can file our complaints online and that in a very user-friendly manner. And as we are very well versed with using the internet we can really do it easily.

4. Broadcast Journalism

Radio industry was at its full boom some time ago but now social media has won the race. All the latest events can be seen on social media before any coverage any where. With the introduction of Youtube, Netflix, Hotstar, etc people are more inclined towards these apps and prefer watching on them more.

5. Pharmacy Degrees

Well, the work of the pharma people cannot be done online but it is being worked upon and soon our prescriptions will be filled by Robots. The field of Robotics is seeing a lot of advancement, from Robots waiters to Robot workers there is a lot happening around.