“Coy Mistress” Photo Series By Amit Bittoo Dey Depicts Dual Lives Of The LGBT Community


Amit Bittoo Dey, a fashion photographer from Calcutta, India has currently done a photo series called as “Coy Mistress”. The theme captured the dual lifestyle of people from the LGBT community and how they have to live because of the pressures of society.

According to the Dey “I wanted to make a point about love having no bar on gender. It just happens and we cannot predict how or when it does,” Dey said.

He shared the series on his Facebook page, which has been shared hundreds of times & got an overwhelming response for his work. Here it is:

#Coy Mistress, the profound poem

An intense series on LGBT community.

#Dey has out of the box concept

Expression beyond imagination

#It is the bitter truth of Indian community

Reveals love without discrimination. 

#Each day they are facing social pressures

Love has no bar and no gender.

#Society locked love in barriers

An affection which is hard to accept.

#An affection which is hard to accept

Facing social pressures. 

#Reveals love without discrimination, there is no discrimination concept apply to love

Love locked in social barriers. 

#Love has no bar and no gender

Bitter truth of Indian society.

#Their expression beyond imagination of others

An out of the box concept.

#An intense series on LGBT community

#Breaking all the social taboos

Coy Mistress - A metaphysical poem.