Couple’s Goa Wedding With Their Dog Is So Adorable That We Can’t Wait To Share Pictures


Are you a dog lover? If yes, then you’re well familiar with the daily struggles like separating the furs from your cushions or carpets, stop your dog from entering the kitchen and many more but still, you welcomes those struggles whole heartily because dogs are a true companion for life, is the most honest and adorable friend who can make you happy no matter for harsh you treat them.

Similarly, the couple Mitali + Ali= MitAli tied a knot in the Goa a month ago with their favourite dog “PANTU”.

Being a dog trainer how Mitali adores dogs is clearly justifying in the pictures. Take a look:

#I’m Still Gonna Love You!

#Bride-Groom-Pantu under the stars

#Pantu With Full Squad 

You may now kiss the bride.. #wefinallyknowwhohelovesmore #aliandpanty #husbandgoals #7yearsinmaking #lovesofmylife

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#Those Eyes Of Cutest Little Pooch!

#Its Happy Time Let’s Nacho

#Pantu With Groom To be!

#Charming Ring Bearer With The Bride To Be!

#Full Filmy Entry Of Rockstar Bride

#Lovey-Dovey Moments Of MitAli

#Hurrahhh…We Finally Married!

#Happily married bride and groom!

Finally the WAIT was lifted! 😉 #TheMitAliWedding #loveofmylife #marriedmybestfriend #7yearsinthemaking

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#Uploaded by WeddingNama- I’m Home, their Wedding video is too adorable

A Truly Bow Wow Wedding!

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