Couple Gets Married On Mount Everest And Pictures Of Unorthodox Ceremony Echoing In The World


Wedding at the 17,000-foot-high Base Camp at Mount Everest seems unusual and unpredictable but….32-year-old Ashley Schmeider and 35-year-old James Sisson from California changed into the reality.

Ashley and James along with the Top Wedding Photographers Charleton Churchill trekked for 3 weeks because they chose Mount Everest as their wedding designation.

Here are the pictures of their wedding.

Churchill told to leading media, “Photographing at base camp Mount Everest was unbelievable surrounded by the Himalayas.”

Churchill added, “What I wanted to do is marry my passion for the outdoors with wedding photography and form something different.”

Churchill in his personal blog explains, “the couple first got in touch with him last year through his Instagram page. They were looking for an adventure wedding and he suggested Churchill’s head: “I mentioned Mt. Everest base camp, and well…here we are now.”

He said, “Ashley’s reaction was more of excitement when I mentioned Everest to her.”

He writes, “The first night I didn’t sleep at all. It was rough and made it difficult for me to hike for a few days; [I] had to push through the wall I was experiencing.”

“After waking up and having a discussion with our guide, and James feeling better, he mentioned that we can get to base camp carrying oxygen, photograph a short wedding, then fly out on a helicopter,” Churchill explains.

“I had some photos already in mind, but I only captured around one-quarter of the photos I wanted to get. I didn’t know where I was going to photograph the couple, because I hadn’t been there,” he says.

Churchill wants this type of trip again, “What’s next is more mountains and regions of the world. I have many ideas and locations around the world if couples are interested.”

Image Credit: Charleton Churchill

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