Celebrating Divorce? Get One of These Splendid Divorce Cakes

divorce cakes

Weddings are made in heaven. So where are divorces made? Of course, on earth. Earlier times divorces cases were rather rare. People looked unto a divorce with shame, awe and days of mourning.  Currently, the trend has changed and divorces are being celebrated with greater pomp and divorce cakes.

Scarlett Johansson, went partying with friends after the breakup with Ryan Reynolds on July 1, 2011. There were also others like Jack White and Katie Price who took into celebrating the divorce. Some celebrate the breakup to let friends and family know that they have split up mutually while women love to enjoy their freedom with their split.
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Here are some hilarious divorce cakes which have become a big hit in social media. Cutting the meaningfully crafted divorce cakes are a great way to celebrate the breakup.

  1. Come Along Now

    beautiful divorce cake

    Splendidly crafted divorce cake which is same as that of the wedding cake but with a thoughtfully done topper.
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  2. Free At last

    Unisex divorce cake Meaningful
    When the marriage seems like a trap held with a ball and chain, the divorce cake seems just right.
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  3. Divorce Decree

    Divorce Cake for the Lady barbie
    Put the guy down below and sit and top to enjoy the divorce once you get the divorce papers signed. Great idea indeed.

  4. That’s It

    I do not anymore divorce cake
    The strong and fierce bride who topples the groom and says it out loud that you can’t take it anymore
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  5. Kick Ass

    Ass kick divorce cake
    When the girl has faced it right out, the time comes to kick with the boot. A perfect divorce cake idea with the message.

  6. For the happy divorced man

    Man topples the lady divorce cake
    Yes, it is not just women who celebrate the breakup, even men do. Look at this one where the man is shown as a groom who simply topples the bride face down.

  7. Bury it Now

    burial divorce cake
    This cake maker had carefully made the groom bury his wife. Very gross indeed.

  8. I Do, I Did, I am Done

    I do I did and I am done
    This is one of the most common verse you will find on most divorce cakes.
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  9. That’s how it settled

    Divorce cake agreement
    This edible divorce agreement is a great way to friends have a hearty laugh over the concept. You can easily let them know what had happened on the divorce day. Probably you can make small tweaks to suit your situation like a larger share.

  10. Fire!!

    Gunfire divorce cake
    Two very strong partners who are ready to fire any moment. That’s what divorces makes of people.