Can You Spot The Differences In These Pairs Of Photos?


It has and always been favorite for people to cherish old good days. Like how we used to sit on river sides, throwing stones on the river. The way we play many outdoor games. Those old good chocolates which have almost vanished now. But there is one thing through which you can still cherish all those gold days. Yes, you heard it right. Do you remember finding errors on those photos? Find the difference column was my favorite.

Finding the differences between pairs of photos is old love. We have been playing this game since we were children. You do remember solving these kinds of puzzles every morning when the paper came, don’t you? You must have been missing that old you now.

Well, if you thought that those days were gone, you are wrong. Because here we are today with a set of photos that require you to spot the differences, just like old times! But just because it has been so many years doesn’t mean that it has become a tad bit easier than it was back in our childhood days.

So, go ahead and try to spot the differences, and see if your eyes are enough sharp or not?

1. So, let’s start with this beautiful one.


2. Some difficult stuff is here, will you be able to spot the difference?


3. My favorite portrays from all the time but this time we have to find the differences.


4. Play safe this time.


5. The globe must be enough to engage you. While this picture is the scenic beauty.


6. Disneyland, Yaya… Every child wanted to visit there once. I want to visit even now. But can you see the difference in this?


7. Drool your eyes hard people. Make your drool worth drooling.


Here is a little hint for you in this video below. Have a happy searching.