Best Differences Between Boss and Leader Of 2017


Both are experienced and both know how to get the work done. Yet one is called a boss and the leader. One finds the best way of execution and the other uses the same old conventional. One knows how to use your ability and skill in the right way and other just orders and gets the work done through any way. Boss the one who leads and leader the one who walks with his team.

#1. It is not him but the whole team

Boss will say that he did it or the success was achieved under his guidance but a leader will always say that it was a collaborated effort and nothing would have been possible without his team.

#2. Knows the best way out

A boss might lose his patience pretty often but a leader understands and handles every situation like a pro.

#3. Best use of man power

A boss will make you work till you drop but a leader will analyze your potential first and then push you into something that you can excel in.

#4. Capitalism Vs Socialism

Boss will only work towards the capital part of the task but a leader will also be very considerate about his people, his team.

#5. On-stage and Back-stage

Boss will flaunt about himself and will think about himself but a true leader will always appreciate his/her team.