This Beautiful Shoot Of A Pioneering Trans Woman & Her Husband Breaking All The Stereotypes Of Love!


“Love knows no reason, no boundaries, no distance, no culture, no religion and no gender. It has a sole intention of bringing people together to a time called forever.”

The above quote has been proved by the Madhuri Sarode as she has fought for the rights of the LGBT community for years and finally married to Jay Sharma.

Madhuri & Jay- the first transgender couple from Mumbai openly tied a knot in a temple, after meeting two years before via social media. And happily, Indian communities have been meted out with such rule because their sexual adaptation is different than what they were born with.

Anu Pattnaik, a 26-year-old Mumbai-based freelance photographer shared the beautiful pictures of this transgender couple who are leading us with examples:

#The story of Madhuri & Jay is not only inspiring many but also have light for many others who are living in the dark.

#They fought against all the odds to make their life even.

#Their story shows “Love Is Free.”

#Madhuri & Jay showed the world the power of love & married in December 2016.

#The journey they travelled is exceptional for marriage certification too.

#Of course, they crossed from all hurdles; it wasn’t the bed of roses.

#It was Jay who criticizes the community and expressed his love to Madhuri first.

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#Madhuri’s laugh says it all.

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#Love brings colour to black & white life of Madhuri & Jay.

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#Her lovely gaze says about her happy life.

#They have all the happy moments of love.

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#It is the victory of love…I’m totally assured, there is nothing more beautiful than love..!!

They broke out the stereotype of love because they have all moments like any other couple- they cry, they laugh, they kiss, they hug, etc.

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