Awadh Queer Pride Parade: A Ray Of Joy, Hope And Change


The country has developed drastically lately and I am not just talking about the educational or technical front but gay men and women coming out as strong individuals. They are willingly putting a stop to all the said and believed social norms. Talk about all those couples taking a stride to make a life for themselves, they are stronger than before and deserve an equal right. There is no harm loving someone. Isn’t it?
While some are bold enough to take the step of deceiving the age-old cultures, there are still small portions of the queer community hiding somewhere, unable to open their wings and fly. Being LGBT in India can be dangerous and we very well know why. I mean equaldex proudly displays that homosexuality is illegal and getting married is strictly not under the rules. (Check this out here)
After a long gap of 18 years of Kolkata hosting the country’s first-ever Queer Pride Parade, Lucknow held its very first parade on April 9, 2017, marking a day in the history of the country. People from all over India gathered to make this pride walk a huge success. They might have walked a mere distance of 1.5 km but their slogans were heard and the colours were seen loud and clear across the city.
Not to forget, the social media was abuzz with pictures and videos of the parade proudly proclaiming the gIn spite.
In spite of Lucknow being a conservative city, the participation was massive and it was full of vibrant banners and colourful clothes shouting, “I am asexual. Yes, we exist.”

Mind having a look at the gorgeous pictures here:

(Images via Facebook)

It was a celebration. They danced on the streets.
They shouted out slogans.
It was a strong wave of individuality and freedom.
Colourful clothes, masks and rainbow flags marked the parade.
The pictures flooded the social media.

Guess the sweet seat of the legendary Nawabs and the city renowned for its refines beauty is all set to change and bring one too.