Avoid These Bad Parenting Facts For Your Child’s Sterling Future


A child is a like an unused sheet of paper. What you sow so shall you reap. You nurture it carefully you get sweet fruits, but if you are careless, then it might become a problem. Given below, are few points, about the mistakes you make, or you might make while parenting your child. Become your child’s best friend so that he/she can share everything with you.

#1. Is your child telling lies?

You might have become very harsh with your child in the past when he/she committed some mistake.

#2. Your child’s confidence is low

You guide and direct them for work rather than your child do it himself or herself.

#3. Your child does not take his own stand

Your child is not able to speak for him/her self because you have always guided your child to regulate his/her behavior in public.

#4. Your child picks ups other’s belongings


As your child is the most important thing in your life it is obvious that every time in love and care you shop for him/her hence hindering him/her to choose.

#5. Your child lacks courage

You must have always helped your child overcome every problem and thus now he/she is just afraid to take a step fearing failure.

#6. Your child is envious

If your child envies others then it is possible that you always your compare your child with others.

#7. Your child misbehaves

It is very common that children quickly learn what they see. Your child’s behavior depends upon the environment in which he/she grows.

#8. Your child hides things from you

It happens because you make a mountain out of a mole. Hence your child finds things hidden are good then magnifying.

#9. Your child disrespects others

Again if you don’t value your child’s feelings and don’t give it importance then your child too might not find other’s feelings worthy.