This Is Why Apple’s New AirPods Are A Terribly Awful Buy


Apple has always been one of the most innovative brands when it comes to the gadget industry. Recently it launched its iPhone 7 along with its new wireless earphones or AirPods. The concept of eliminating the headphone jack from the iPhone did not seem to be quite successful as people do not like it and consider it a terrible buy; here are a bunch of reasons why:

  • Losing the AirPods

    AirPodsSince there is no wires or jack, and the AirPods are smaller than the size of the ear. There are higher chances of you losing them much often and having a hard time finding them at home or searching them in your bag pack.

  • A mess creator

    Well, when you are using an apple watch and the iPhone together, it may create a mess for you. AirPods switch sources to recognize the device you’re using so when you use the watch and the iPhone both together, it is going to create a mess.

  • Expensive


    The current price of the ear buds is $10 whereas the AirPods cost $160. The ear buds are cheap and disposable too unlike the AirPods vulnerable to break and which can be easily lost.

  • Battery life


    As per Apple, the new AirPods have a battery life of 5 hours but actually it is a little less than what the company claims. The normal ear buds work till you got your iPhone alive, but on a long journey, AirPods are not going to stay by your side.

  • They may fall out of our ears


    While using the AirPods, there can be several chances that it may fall down from the ear. They may fall and break, or fall in the water while you’re engrossed in something. The bad part doesn’t end here as apple has not designed any protective case for the AirPods.