Amazing Clothed and Unclothed Tattoo Portraits by Photographer Alan Powdrill


Tattoos are the source of being cool for some but many people consider tattoos more than precious. The pain which they feel is so obvious but the later results are awesome. And this is what Photographer Alan Powdrill captured by taking clothed and unclothed images of Tattoo lovers and their passion for tattoos which totally can be seen on their bodies.
So here are some Clothed-unclothed tattoo portraits by Alan that you’re going to love for sure.

“I love the fact I’m middle aged, have a professional job, am surrounded by straight people and I have ‘No Fucking Way’ tattooed on my chest. Bill, 59, London

Tattoo Portraits by Photographer Alan Powdrill

“I was 17. I hid the first few from my parents for many years and by the time they found out they knew this was going to be my life.” Philip, 27, Southend-on-Sea

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“I’ve become less precious about tattoos the more I get them. So hopefully I’ll only stop when I’m dead.” Andrew, 32, Highgate

“I was 51 when I started and my father was already dead and my mom didn’t say anything as she was in the early stages of dementia” Graham, 58, Cleethorpes

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“I love being different and everyday I’m asked about them. Good tattoos aren’t cheap, cheap tattoos are not good.” Izzy, 48, Maidstone

“My Kiss tattoos are my favorites, the pain was incredible but it feels good to show my ultimate dedication to the band.” Kimmy, 29, Ruislip

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“Can’t say what age I’ll stop. While there’s still space to fill, It’ll get filled. I don’t think my attitude will ever change.” Michelle, 53, Cleethorpes

“My first tattoo was at 13 and was a secret for 10 years. It’s a part of me and I’m never going to get old.” Patrick, 34, Brighton

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“They have given me confidence in life since my Crohn’s illness, I will love them in the future like I do now.” Peter, 38, Colchester

“I love every inch of my skin but I love my back most because I’ve been waiting for 17 years to get it done, and it is exactly how I wanted it.” Stefano, 33, London

“I’m beyond the stopping point now. It fucking hurts like the shit man but I wouldn’t change my look for the world.” Unsal, 46, Hastings

“My tattoos are part of who I am and I’ll always love my bodysuit now and when I’m 80. The love I get for what I look like is what it’s all about.” Victoria, 37, Coventry