Abhay Deol Takes A “Fair” Step Towards “Unfair” Endorsing Fairness Creams Through These Posts


A 41-year-old Bollywood actor Abhay Deol took to Facebook to point out other actors’ endorsement of fairness creams. His words penetrate actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor, Nandita Das and many.

His step of “Unfair” by detailed posts garnered acclaim and admire on social media in no time, but Sonam Kapoor was slammed on Twitter after she posted a picture of his sister(Esha Deol) as endorsing a brand.

The Neerja actress tweeted “I appreciate and concur with your views and would like to know your thoughts on this as well.”

Well, it’s up to the people to decide this bloody fucking difference of skin shades. So, here what he posted:

Stay Unfair and Stay Beautiful!- Is what Nandita saying?

Silly Nanadita trying to teach us that Black is also beautiful. Doesn't she know that we already know that? Why else…

Abhay Deol 发布于 2017年4月11日

King Khan himself asking you- why are you still using a women’s fairness cream? 

And the King Khan himself asking you-(Translated)- "Being a man why are you are still using a women's FAIRNESS cream!?…

Abhay Deol 发布于 2017年4月11日

You can’t defend this because it does say on the side of the  packaging.

AHA!So when they get a beautiful Latina and gorgeous black girl they say on the box-"Finally a way for everyone to make their OWN SKIN ideal!"

Abhay Deol 发布于 2017年4月11日

Why dark is not “Beautiful”, do you have a. answer?

Um…this one's kinda hard to defend as it does say on the side of the packaging-"Indian women agree, skin looks…

Abhay Deol 发布于 2017年4月11日

Fair & Lovely is really doing fair to you?

If you look carefully he has some black dust on his forehead. It's only because he will be washing that off is the cream called "Fair and lovely".

Abhay Deol 发布于 2017年4月11日

Unfair Miracle- it should be something like this!

It says "2-IN-1 FAIRNESS cream". If you notice her eyes are also lighter than they are in real life. So '2-in-1' must be…

Abhay Deol 发布于 2017年4月11日

The right side of Shahid is left exposed to the Sun.

His face is dark on the right only because that part of the paper was left exposed to the sun. They are clearly not…

Abhay Deol 发布于 2017年4月11日

Doubting to own beauty, is it fair?

This one asks the question "How true is your FAIRNESS?"And further asks if you just have an "outer WHITE layer" or is…

Abhay Deol 发布于 2017年4月11日

Thank God we have photoshop :-p

The reason the tube reads "WHITE BEAUTY" is because the photoshopping on her skin has made her look white and she's clearly a beauty.No demeaning of dark skin here either.

Abhay Deol 发布于 2017年4月11日

We are not a racist country!

WE ARE NOT A RACIST COUNTRY!I will prove it to you. In the pic below John holds a card with shades from white to dark….

Abhay Deol 发布于 2017年4月11日

He concluded with this status.

There is always two sides of the coin, as there are still a responsible few who stand strongly against this irresponsibility.

We should heartily thanks, Abhay Deol for pointing out such irresponsibility by his colleagues.