9 Special People With Unusual And Extra Body Parts


Not everyone is born in the same way; some people are born with unique capabilities or abnormalities that make them different from rest of the world. Yes, there are people there are such people who are living with two vaginas, three breasts, nose, an extra ear, and many other body unusual parts. Have a look at these amazing people with extra body parts!

1. This woman has two vaginas. 

Hazel Jones was born with two vaginas. Jones never knew until she went through her astonishing diagnosis. At the age of 18, she got to know about her two vaginas. This condition is commonly known as uterus didelphys, that means two separate uteruses and cervixes.

2. A man with two penises2. A man with two penis

This Reddit user was born with Diphallia and called himself “DoubleDickDude (having two sex organs).” He became the internet with more than 15,000 comments when he posted about his dual body part on Reddit. According to him, his both penises are 6 inches long.

3. Lady with three breasts.3. Woman with three breasts.

Tridevil has three breasts. She was not born with the extra breast but implanted it through surgery. It costs her 20,000$

4. The boy has two extra DNA strand4. A boy have two extra DNA strand

Brave Alfie Clamp was two-year-old when doctors discovered an extra strand of his DNA.When Brave Alfie Clamp was two-year-old when doctors discovered an extra strand of his DNA. They conducted various tests with him as he was born blind and with severe disabilities. The tests confirmed that his seventh chromosome has an extra strand of material. Brave is the only person in the world having an extra strand of his DNA.

5. Baby with two faces5. A baby with two faces.

Kangkang was born with a deformity called transverse facial cleft where he looks like he has worn a mask. Yes, his facial cleft gives him the appearance of having two faces. It costs 80,000 to 100,000 dollars to treat baby Kangkang.

6. A man with three legs and double genital apparatus

This super human (George Lippert) was born with three legs (with toes) and two functioning hearts. However, Lippert third leg is not functional.

8.  Woman gave birth to triplets with two different uteruses9. Woman gave birth to triplets with two different uteruses.

Hannah Kersey from England is considered a true medical miracle. She gave birth to triplets from two separate wombs. She amazed everyone with her unique ability.

9. Boy with 15 fingers and 16 toespeople with extra body part

This Chinese kid was born with extra fingers and toes. This condition is known as “Polydactyly,” where an extra finger or toe can be seen on one or both hands/legs or in both together.