9 Ridiculously Awkward Moments That Happen In Every Relationship For The First-Time


It’s always appealing to kick-off a new relationship, but couple often forgets about the extremely awkward moments that accompany. They hesitate to do something weird yet normal things because they might think about the bad impression.

But…a real relationship is far away from judging your partner & the day you’ll realize, those uncomfortable moments that you’re bound to encounter in front of each other will no more the question of worry.

Here, we gather some awkward but normal things that happen in the real relationship:

#Ridiculously Awkward Moments No. 1

After a while this will become quite competitive and a lot of fun.

The first time when you burp..burp…burp in front of each other.
Note: Moment of joy & laughter!

#Ridiculously Awkward Moments No. 2

You pour cleaning product down the loo afterwards, open a window and wave the hand towel around, and if possible spray something floral to disguise the smell.

The first time you go for a “loo”, not for a “poo” at their apartment.
Note: Start planning interior & best spray!

#Ridiculously Awkward Moments No. 3

Slimy gunk drips down your chin, your fingers get covered in guacamole – eating disgustingly messy food with your S.O. is one of life's greatest pleasures.

The first time you eat carelessly food in front of each other
Note: It’s the greatest pleasure of love!

#Ridiculously Awkward Moments No. 4

If you're not in love with them, you're probably going to realise now.

The first time when you clean up their vomit.
Note: The high level of caring!

#Ridiculously Awkward Moments No. 5

Ridiculously Awkward Moments no. 6

The first time you do something husky during made out.
Note: You’re open to each other even in bed!

#Ridiculously Awkward Moments No. 6

Ridiculously Awkward Moments no. 7

The first time you fart in front of each other.
Note: Sharing a really good bond because those who fart together stays together

#Ridiculously Awkward Moments No. 7

Ridiculously Awkward Moments no. 8

The first time you text about your journey to the toilet.
Note: Matter of sharing & rejoice!

#Ridiculously Awkward Moments No. 8

Ridiculously Awkward Moments No. 9

The first time when you squeeze their acne from private part!
Note: It shows the level of great intimacy and love.

#Ridiculously Awkward Moments No. 9

Chatting about nothing while one of you is weeing is truly liberating.

The first time you watch out each other in a hard place “TOILET”
Note: Can share the lovey-dovey moment too!

Have you ever encounter with any of these situations??