9 Gmail Extensions To Take Your Email Experience To A Whole New Level


Gmail is perhaps the best and the most widely used email service in the world. One of the most convenient email services and 15 GB worth of free space available to each and every account you open, there can’t be any other reason why you shouldn’t use Gmail, apart from the obvious security reasons that Google never advertises on its websites and its media advertisements.To make this email experience even better, we suggest you download and try one of these extensions-

To make this email experience even better, we suggest you download and try one of these extensions-

1. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang is something that Gmail users have long craved for but something that always missed, an option to postpone sending messages until a set time and date. It is helpful if you need to communicate across oceans, and need to send emails to a country with different time zones. Using Boomerang means that your client would not receive your emails at 3 AM but at a more appropriate time.

2. Gmail Offline

Gmail Extensions

For all the frequent users of Gmail and often don’t have an internet connection at all times, this extension is custom made for you. It caches Gmail messages locally, like a traditional email client, allowing the user to read and reply to messages without an active connection.The replies are saved until next time and sent only once the connection is available.

3. Google Hangouts

Gmail Extensions

Hangouts are the poor man’s Facetime, and you can use it by logging into Gmail. But if you use it regularly, there is a standalone extension is also available and can be used as a messaging client, and comes with the regular Google chime.

4. Minimalist for Everything

Gmail Extensions

Gmail often tends to be cluttered, but this plugin can recover valuable content space. What it does is eliminate Google’s navigation bar and that makes it way too easier to use.

5. Gmail Snooze

Gmail Extensions

Emails are often wearisome and worrisome, especially when they are from your boss or from a client, robbing you of precious time with your family. You can simply select whether to delay the mail from 5 minutes to days and finally to stop you from procrastinating, there will be a reminder after the specific time period.

6. Secure Gmail

Gmail Extensions

Though there have been no reported mass security hacks of the Gmail accounts as compared to their counterpart(I mean Yahoo), one still needs to take care of one’s belongings. Secure Gmail encrypts your email and then subsequently decrypts it so that only the intended recipient can read your email.

7. Unroll.me

Gmail Extensions

We all willingly and unwillingly subscribe to a lot of emails and newsletters and often end up not even opening them. But how about this, with this extension, you can see a list with all the subscriptions and with only one click you can unsubscribe them. Tell me, how cool is that!

8. AwayFind

Gmail Extensions

If you don’t like being bothered by constant vibrating of your phone while you are away on a vacation, then this extension is tailor made for you. This extension filters out all the unnecessary emails, and notifies you about it via an SMS. The free version can be synced with only one account.

9. News.me

Gmail Extensions

This extension is for those that like their social media and their email This extension collects all the important emails related to social networks and summarises them as well. Really cool and definitely worth a try!