9 craziest things to do before you die


If you are one among those people who aren’t afraid of doing adventure here is a list of things to you must do before you die.

1. Jet Pack Flight

We may not be Iron Man, but we can definitely experience what Iron man does in the comics or the movie. An experience riding a jet pack flight gives you a mind blowing experience, as we will be doing the stunt on our own and looking at things from a different perspective.

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2.Be a Soldier or a Marine

Marine in real life is not easy compared to what we see in Hollywood movies. It takes a lot of time and hard work to become a marine. It takes a lot of courage to kill people and see people die. Marines are well trained in such a way, that they love to do such things to show their patriotism.


military, war, uniform
Feel the courage

3.Zorbing in water and land

Rolling in a massive ball on the surface of water and land without getting injured is fun. We had a dream of walking on water and rolling on land, but always afraid because of its lethal result. Zorbing can make your dream come true.

Zorbing is fun!! Image courtesy – Crazysportsshop

4.To be a pilot of Fighter jet

A Fighter jet is one of the fastest machines which we can see on earth at any given point of time. Experiencing the top speed in the sky can be a beautiful experience and flying one of those machines can add up would be a real fun.

Operation Iraqi Freedom
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5.Breaking or owning a Guinness world record

Having our own record in the book of Guinness world records will be a huge pride for us. There are plenty of options for us to create or break the record. It is surely fine, if we are making up something on our own and creating a world record.


Feel the pride before you die

6.Visiting every continent

A dream come true accomplishment for every travel freak. Every continent is different with respect to their culture, tradition and life style. Experience and studying all the 7 continents can give an immense pleasure to anyone, especially for a traveler.





7.Float in the dead sea

Irrespective of our swimming knowledge, we would like to spend time in water peacefully. The Dead sea is a sea which has less gravity force compared to any other place on earth. This allows you to float on the water without swimming.


Float on the Dead Sea Image Courtesy – blog.mytravellove

8.Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is a common man’s dream and every individual on this earth would like to experience at least once in their life time. Bungee jumping looks easy, but it has its own kind of adventure. Every jumping needs a rigorous training, where the jumper learns to control the breath and fly comfortably.


Is bungee jumping your dream too? Image Courtesy – ohmyindia

9.Stand on the North Pole

There are only two poles of this sort, where we will be facing the same direction irrespective of turns. The compass literally fails, as we will be on the top of the planet. These poles gives out a different experience because of its weather conditions.


Stand on the North Pole facing the same direction Image Courtesy – npmarathon.com