9 Bold Confessions Made by Bollywood Celebrities Which Will Bombshell You


The public has always been eager to know about the personal life of our Bollywood celebrities. On knowing the same, they make fun or criticize them as well. They don’t know that what it takes to be a superstar. All of them were famous may be, but not born successful, they worked, fought and suffered to be what they are now.
So here are some bold statements made by our celebs about their personal life and opinions.

“I have cheated on someone”, Ranbir Kapoor

It was a rumor that Ranbir Kapoor developed feelings for Katrina Kaif when he was in a relationship with Deepika Padukone. He said, “Yes, I have, out of immaturity, out of inexperience, out of taking advantage of certain temptations, out of callousness. You realize it  now when you grow up and you value relationships more.” Well, Ranbir you have realized things late.


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“I’ve had extra-marital affairs”, Govinda

The amazing actor, dancer, and comedian accepted that he had extramarital affairs. Media asked him about more details in which he said ” Somethings in life should not be spoken about publicly. It’s best kept a secret.”

“I am a Virgin”, Salman Khan

In an interview with Koffee with Karan, he made this statement “I am a virgin. I will save myself for the one I am married to.” Yes, Salman we are trying to believe you.

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“I was sexually abused”, Kalki Koechlin

She made this statement that “I was sexually abused as a child.” She didn’t tell it to anyone but later collected the courage to speak up.  She speaks up so that other victims can also develop the courage to speak up for the wrong. Respect for you girl. 🙂

Bold statements made by bollywood celebs


“Stammering Made My Childhood Hell”, Hrithik Roshan

Still hard to believe, but the Kaho Na Pyar hai star use to stammer as a kid.He was ridiculed by the fellows every time he stammered.

Bold statements made by bollywood celebs

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“I Have Faced Sexual Harassment”, Chitrangada Singh

She played the role of a sexual harassment victim in Inkaar. Very few people know the fact that she is a victim in real life too.

Bold statements made by bollywood celebs


“I sleep better on a flight in a pair of jeans that’s really worn in”, Kareena Kapoor

The style Icon poo have admitted that she doesn’t wash her jeans often. She likes to wear a single pair of jeans again and again. What can we say, celebrities and their

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“I have Cellulite”, Sonam Kapoor

This is indeed a bold statement made by a Bollywood star and the confession had changed things in Bollywood after her statement “I have a big bum and big arms. I have cellulite. I can’t wear a Bikini.”

He had dumped Arpita Khan (Salman Khan’s Sister) -Arjun Kapoor

He had a 2-year long relationship with Arpita Khan- Salman Khan’s sister. But she dumped him because of his overweight. Well, break up did a miracle.

Bold statements made by bollywood celebs

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