8 Unheard Stories Of USA President Donald Trump

Donald Trump is certainly one of the few people who had redefined the year 2016 in their own fashion. The election campaign of 2016 was one hell of a ride for all the Americans as well as people from around the world. The USA election 2016 experienced a fierce and tough campaign where Donald Trump made headlines every time he SPOKE.
However, there are certain things in our life which we don’t speak about and Donald Trump is not an exception. There are a lot of episodes in his life which he went through and has decided not to speak off. So, today we are going to unearth few of these instances and tell you 8 Unheard Stories Of Donald Trump.
1. He was once thrown out of the movie hall, later on, he bought the same whole BUILDING.
Donald Trump and his friend Paul Aunis were in their teens when they decided to go for a movie in Times Square. However, Donald Trump lost his ticket and as a result, the gatekeeper didn’t allow him to enter and pushed him away. Donald was frustrated and felt humiliated and hence he asked his dad who was a big time Businessman in Real Estate to buy the whole building. He finally did that within 2 days.

2. He once slapped his teacher and started dancing in front of him.It was the time when Donald Trump was in 4-5th standard in Kew-Forest School. Apparently, his father was also one of the board members. Donald Trump slapped his teacher because according to Trump, he was not teaching well. However, the rest of the students felt that the teacher was teaching fine. His teacher asked the Principal to confront Donald Trump but the Principal himself was in dilemma and hence he didn’t take any action. Later that day, Donald Trump came out of the office and started dancing.

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3. He doesn’t like to wait so he bought a GOLD PLATED car for himself.
During the year 1987, he along with his sister checked into a hotel but had to wait ‘FIVE’ minutes for getting his car parked as there was just one guy who had to park all the cars of other VIPs. Somewhere down the line, this incident pinched Donald Trump and hence he straightway went to the car manufacturing company – Cadillac Motors and ordered a 24 carrot gold plated car which was delivered to him in the year 1988.

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4. He used to bring in bombs and knives in his school.

During the early days of his adolescence, Donald Trump along with his friends used to bring ‘smelly bombs’, hand-honkers and ‘punky liquid’ so as to cause a disturbance in the class. Whenever he felt bored, he always set the bomb on fire so that the whole class start smelling awful and no further teaching takes place. Because of his repeated acts, he was also once suspended for a day.

5. He was once beaten up by a girl of his class for teasing her.

He had or more precisely HAS a bad habit of disturbing women around him. During his schooldays, he once pulled a girl’s ponytail and made lewd remarks about her. As a result, she turned towards him and bashed his head with the metallic tiffin box that he held in her hand. Donald Trump started bleeding and ran to save his life for the time being.

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6. He once ate 50 unpeeled oranges to win a BET.

When Donald Trump started going to Military School, he couldn’t see anyone ahead of him. On one fine day, the captain of another team and Donald Trump indulged in a challenge of eating unpeeled oranges. Donald Trump won the bet by eating 50 of those.

7. When he was just 10, he promised himself of becoming the President Of United States Of America.

Despite his best performance in the trial of a sporting event, he was not selected for it because of his notorious behavior in his school. He became angry and said that he would become a famous personality so that people pay him respect. He said that he could go to an extent of becoming the President of his country for doing so.

8. He once skipped his exam for his hairstyle.

Donald Trump loves his hair, and shoes as well. According to him, these two things makes a girl attracts towards you. In his schooldays, he had to meet a girl after the exam. However, he almost took 20 minutes for setting up his hairstyle and in the midst of doing that, he just forgot about the exam and hence, he had to skip it.
So these were some of the unheard stories about Donald Trump. What are your views on it? Please share your opinions in the comment section below.