8 Things That Every Book Lover Would Want To Have In His/Her Life


There is saying that ‘A Book is man’s best friend’. It’s the best buddy when you are lonely, upset or depressed. It won’t complain about anything. As a reader, apart from books, things that make me happy are the small goodies that help me enjoy my reading experience at another level. There are certain things that annoy the hell out of many readers. So the following goodies are some of the products that one should definitely have along with him/her.

Flying Superman Book Stand

Well, this stand makes an optical illusion where you apparently see the books staying floated in the air. The stand basically sticks to the wall but makes people feel like the Superman below it is holding the entire grid.
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Book Pillow Holder

Reading for hours while lying down in bed can be painful at times. Honestly, my elbows cry out loud. But this super handy book holder cum travel pillow is just saviors for lazy readers like me. It just holds the book in whichever position you want.

Mini Clip Lamps

This product is a savior for all the night owls who likes to read during late hours. Not everyone is like them and hence, reading books with lights on late at night is not always joyful for everyone. These mini lamps can be clipped on to the books and provide an appropriate amount of light so that one can read in peace without disturbing the peace of other people.

Thumb Place Holder

People with small thumb always finds it hard to read books with just one hand as the pages often tend to close, hindering the reader from reading texts. However, this product will make the pages stand at horizontal level thus exposing maximum content for the reader to read.

Foldable Laptop Table

Well, this product is for those people who prefer to read e-books instead of opting for a paperback. Reading through laptop while sitting on a bed can be stressful at times because of the difference in elevation from the eye. However, this table serves the perfect treat for better visualization and comfort.

Transparent Book Weight

Well, this is another good replacement for thumb place holder. We usually try to place a paper weight on our books so that pages don’t turn. But this Transparent Book Weight can fit into any size of the book and still allows a reader to read without any trouble.

E-Reader Case.

Some E-Readers always complain about the lack of FEELING that they go through as the experience of reading on Tablets are not just the same to that of reading an actual paperback book. But this E-Reader case will help them experience the same where they can actually read an e-book on their tablet with an avid experience.


People say that a good book can make them go lost inside the mystery of its story, well, it literally does and hence in order to get back from where you left, this handy bookmark is just the perfect goodie that you need where you can place it when you are finished reading