8 Important Facts About US Secret Service You Have Never Heard About


Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America, created the Secret Service on April 14, 1865, just before John Wilkes assassinated him. The agency has been working since then, and it comprises of all the black suited man protecting the president. Well, these men not only protect or safeguard the President but, also are responsible for working with different agencies on this like money fraud, etc. Let’s know some amazing facts about the US Secret Service:

#1US Secret Service facts

These agents have registered themselves for the White House Parties after joining the secret service. Imagine roaming around with Trump and some of the greatest political leaders; amazing isn’t it?

#2US Secret Service facts

Not only these men provide security to their native political nationals but, also safeguard the reputed foreign visitors. They were seen looking after the security of Pope Benedict XVI in 2008.

#3US Secret Service facts

A couple of men ride alongside the President’s car whenever he moves out for any work. Now, this is important because assassination attempts may take place at any time. So, the president is captured in a video throughout his visit. This particular requirement was felt after John F. Kennedy’s assassination as it didn’t have proof in the form of a video.

#4US Secret Service facts

The secret service agents have an important duty to cover the sewage openings present on the road when there is a major event involving the president. This might be necessary for the President’s safety.

#5US Secret Service facts

The secret service was a part of the Treasury Department when it was initially established by Lincoln. Some men are assigned to check the credit cards to look into the money fraud matters.

#6US Secret Service facts

Secret service agents are often dressed as common civilians so as they remain out of the attention seeker squad. As they are meant for secret jobs, they are required to disguise themselves.

#7US Secret Service facts

Each new family that proceeds to the White House(the President and family) are given nicknames starting with a single letter. For example, Obamas had the initial “R” where ‘Renegade’ is Barack Obama, and Michelle was ‘Renaissance.’

#8US Secret Service facts

It is a general belief that the secret service prevails only in the Washington. It is working in 50 American states and two dozen other countries.