No Time to Exercise? Now Exercise without Working Out


A workout is not an important one in our to-do list. Most people look to workout sessions only when you have enough time for it. In our strenuous life schedules and hectic jobs, we do not find time to sweat it out. But little do you realize that without burning the excess fat, you could be actually lowering your productivity, put up more weight and increase the stress level. Here are some quick ways by which you can break free of your sedentary lifestyle even when you do not have time for workout sessions.  

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 exercise1.Carry Your Handbag 


Bag to Dumbell
Bag to Dumbell

We do not have time to empty the handbag and it remains filled to the brim with everything from papers to scissors. This could work like your dumb bell. Make sure you have the handbag and not the shoulder bag as a heavy shoulder bag could cause harm. Hold the bag in you hand with palm facing up close to your chest. Pulse it up and down while you are waiting for the cab to arrive. Switch to the other hand after a while. This will help to provide strength to your biceps.  

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2.Stand up instead of sitting 


Stand up Scheduling

It might seem a little difficult to have your work done standing. But this is much better than sitting all day long and having a few minutes of the workout session. Try to stand whenever possible rather than rushing for the chair.  

3.Drink Plenty of Water 



Even a tad bit of dehydration and you would be in trouble. Your body needs water for all processes 

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4.Set an Alarm to Stand Up 


Stand once per hour

When you have a full-time job sitting, standing up in between will not be easy to accomplish. Set an alarm that will ring every one hour prompting you to stand up. Pick up your cup and refill some water or make a visit to the washroom.  

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5.Refrain from standing still

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The time you wait is wasted usually. Make it fruitful by doing small movements like walking or do the rise up exercise. Lift yourself on your toes and then come back down. You have now accomplished the calf muscle exercise. 

6.Hold your breath


Hold your breath in and pull your stomach in. This will help to work the abs. This can be done when you have a minute or two between two jobs.  

7.Say ‘no’ to some conveniences


Do not look for the perfect parking area right in front of the office. Take a stroll before you reach the office. Do not sit close to the restroom or pantry so that you can get those 2 steps extra to your daily step count. Make your goal to move more.  

8.Walk on Call


Texting has become a common practice, yet the importance of calls still remain. Do not sit back and relax when you are on a call. Take a walk back and forth while you are on a call. You get exercise and relaxation at the same time. Some people do walk while texting, but it’s not a good practice as you will not be able to watch where you are going.