These 8 Different Kind Of People In India You’ll Always Find When Travelling In India!

different kind of people in India

Our country is a great blend of rituals and culture. Diversity can be seen in every corner. Be it climate, ranging from pinching hot sun of Rajasthan to spine chilling cold of Haridwar, or be it food. Not only this, you’ll find a different kind of people in India while travelling and here is a compilation of such type of people.

1. The Guide Guy

Forget about Google Maps or navigation, you will surely find a guy on Indian roads who will guide you like no well else.

2. The Antakshari group

different kind of people in India

If you are traveling to distant places then IRCTC would be the great choice. Along with safety and comfort, you will come across the exuberant antakshari group which will make your day. Their benevolent nature and interesting gossips will draw all your attention.

3. The aunty who’s on you

different kind of people in India

She is the gossip queen who will take your utmost care. She would love to know each and everything about you, how many people are there in your family, the reason you are traveling. Do not suspect her, she will support you for the rest of your trip.

4. The family that loves to share its food

different kind of people in India

You may not love the contrasting food while traveling, but if you find these lovely people, your tummy will be more than happy.

5. The snorer

different kind of people in India

In the zeal of traveling, you might not be able to catch a sound sleep. Thus, getting a comfortable seat will be more than enough. Be mindful, that your seat partner isn’t a scorer if you want a peaceful sleep.


6. The hamare-zamane-mein uncle

different kind of people in India

This hilarious guy will amuse you by taking you to his time. He will relate the present experience with the past and kill your boredom.

7. The ultimate Kishore Kumar

different kind of people in India

They have their own beats and music. They will entertain you with their playful tracks and cheer up the crowd.

8. The guy with the guitar

Our country is full of talents. This guy with a guitar will take you to an another world of music and perhaps give you a different taste of music.