7 TV shows which made your childhood awesome!!


In late 90’s, many foreign channels entered the Indian TV industry, which brought numerous interesting and humorous shows and became popular in no time. Along with adult shows, many kids shows were also introduced, which really made our childhood awesome and wonderful. There are many memorable things that still bring a smile on our face. It was undoubtedly a gold mine of wonder and best phase of our life. If you are also among those who grew up in the 90s you’re going to remember the wonderful days of childhood through these shows. Let’s check out.

1. Small Wonder


How anyone can forget Lawson family, Harriet and sweet, adorable robot Vicky?? These awesome family and their irritating neighbors have really many memories of childhood, which we still cherish. This wonderful American comedy fiction show has undoubtedly made us laugh all through our childhood.

2. Mr. Bean 


Who made us laugh with weird expressions!!Ahh!!…. I still remember those days, when we use to enjoy watching Mr. bean shows, who was the star of the 90’s kids. His expression and acting were hilarious, he didn’t talk in any of his episodes, but still made laugh!! Isn’t it awesome? I really wanna travel back to those days.

3. Legends of Hidden Temples


Do you remember “Legends of Hidden Temple” yet another show full of adventure and thrilling games that really made us loaded with excitement and enthusiasm! Watching Legends Of The Hidden Temple was a great experience as it was full of fun, mystery, and so much knowledge.

4. Batman


The two crime-fighting heroes who defend Gotham City from a variety of villains  became popular superheroes in the TV industry. It was the time craze for Super Heroes started among the kids. This high- powered heroes undoubtedly made our childhood memorable and wonderful.

5. Ta-Na- Na-Tana- Na- Malgudi Days


Remember Swami and his friends living in a small town of Malgudi?? He was just like us who use to make excuses all the time, fooling around with friends, Playing Gilli-danda, and cricket. I wish I could rewind my life!!

6. Shaktiman


Shaktiman Who can forget those days? When we use to wait a whole week for Sunday afternoon to watch our most loved show “Shaktiman”. Many kids among us use to imagine them as Shaktiman and use to fantasize it. Some had even bought Shaktiman outfit in Durga Pooja, just to look like a hero among your fellow friends.

7. The Jungle Book


Raise your hand if you also use sing along with the title song “Jungle jungle pata chala hai, chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai…”. Remember aggressive Sher Khan and the ever-loving Bagheera? And how anyone can forget the fearless Mowgli and his thrilling adventure? It had definitely brought us close to the jungle life.

So be it an adult who wants to relive their childhood memories or a younger one with whom you want to relish the majestic experiences, do share these TV shows that made your childhood awesome.