7 Tallest Women On Earth You Should Know About


You never knew that the feminine beauty can have some strange parameters; did You? \These women hold records upon their name and are renowned celebrities of the world. If this makes you interested in them here are those tallest women on the earth.

Yao Defen


Yao Defen is a China-born woman that covers our record and holds the headline of the tallest woman on the earth, her 7 feet, and 8 inches (233 cm) size is due to a medical problem. She has tried treating it many times but the tumor is still persistent .

Caroline Welz


Having a size of 6 ft, 9 inches, Caroline Welz comes from Malaysia. A popular personality  in Malaysia she holds  motivation for many people in the country.

Uljana Semjonova


Uljana Semjonova is  in the record;for being the best basket ball woman gamer in the world in 1970-80’s. She is from Latvian and has a size of 7 feet. She was also known as a basketball player with the biggest feet. She wears a shoe of size 21.

Malgorzata Dydek


Malgorzata Dydek is a US born woman that used her 7 feet and 2 ” wide (218 cm) size to play in the US basketball group as a front line defender; Her size improved her abilities in the game of Basketball.

Malee Duangdee


Malee Duangdee comes as the 7th tallest woman on the earth and the second in Japan and the tallest woman in Thailand, She appears at about 6 feet and 10 inches (208 cm) size.

Zainab Bibi


Zainab Bibi holds the headline of the world’s 4th tallest woman, which frustrated, the Pakistani woman appears at 7 feet and 2 ” wide (218 cm). She once claimed that her height has become a possible threat to her life. People tend to kill her because of her structure.

Gitika Srivastava


Gitika Srivastava is an Indian woman that was once having the headline as the tallest woman on the earth, but now she comes as the 6th tallest woman on the earth with a size of 6 feet and 11 inches. She has inherited her height from her father who also appears to be on the list of tallest man.

All these women are the wonderful creations of almighty; when he probably was in a mood to try his hands in height related crafts…