7 Super Fast Natural Remedies To Help You Out With A Severe Headache


A headache is like that evil thing which when visits, it doesn’t let you do anything. A severe headache according to me is like huge drums beating in my mind. Whichever pill you take does not give you instant relief but they might serve you with side affects. These 7 natural ways of curing headaches might not cure your headache fully but will give you instant relief.

Drink water


Sometimes headaches are nothing but signals that your body is running out of the water and you should fill it soon.

Eat Watermelon


Rehydrate yourself by a deliciously sweet medication.

Have tea or coffee


The caffeine in these drinks helps your blood vessels calm which might be a possible cause of your headache.

Eat spicy food


The spicy food contains capsaicin which eases your pain to a certain level.



Take a chill-pill. You be thinking about something a lot and now your brain says that give me rest. Calm down yourself and meditate. Breathe in and breathe out. As simple as that.

Put some ice on your temple



The artery which supplies blood to your brain is behind your temple and is very thin. When you suffer from a headache that thin line swells and by putting ice over it helps it become normal.



Massage gently different parts of your body. Like get a scalp massage, massage your temple with peppermint oil, or massage your neck. You might feel better.