7 Movies You Should Watch With You Mom Even If It’s Not Mother’s Day Today


Mother’s Day is the special day to make your mom feel loved and cherished. Buy a gift, cook the breakfast and let her relax. Make a good collection of Mother’s Day movies and leave it to her make the choice.

We have put down this list based on the emotion of the mother daughter love and several other detailing. So, check the list as we help you create your Mother’s Day movie playlist.

1. Brave
brave mother's day movie

Even though this is an animated movie, it tells the story of true bonding between mother-daughter duo. Princess Merida is a champ in archery. Time comes for Merida to choose a husband. She and her Mother Queen Elinor get into a cross on this matter and she takes into the woods. Now, a magic spell turns her mother into a bear. Themother-daughterr duo come into action as Merida decides to save her mother.

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2. Easy A
Easy A Mother's Day Movie

This movie released in 2010, stars Emma Stone as Olive who is a student in her high school years. Her first lie of sleeping with a college guy goes viral. She gets the ‘bad girl’ image building along with the rumors and even took fun in the image she created.

Things get worse for her when boys come in for real sex and she finds it difficult to break off from the image. She finally confides in her mother and together they try to set things right.

3. Joy Luck Club
Joy Luck Club Mother's Day Movie

This is a jolly good movie of four Chinese women who move to America. They raise their family in America and storylines revolve around how they get caught between the two cultures.

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4. Juno
Juno Mother's Day Movie

High School student Juno MacGuff, played by Ellen Page get pregnant in an affair with her friend. She makes the bold decision of carrying on with the pregnancy. She finds the adoptive parents for her baby. With the progress of pregnancy, this get more and more complicated for her.

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5. Knocked Up
knocked up Mother's Day Movie

Alison gets pregnant with Ben’s baby. But the problem lies in bringing in maturity to Ben and this is the impossible task. This movie depicts the mother- baby love and family values.

6. Mermaids
mermaids mother's day movie

How about some comedy? The story is narrated by a daughter who lives with her eccentric mother and a sister. The story revolves around Charlotte’s love interest and the turn of events with the three ladies in home.

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7. Mildred Pierce

Mildred+Pierce mother's day movie

The right story for your strong mother who has faced all difficulties bravely. Mildred Pierce is the key character in the movie and she was left by husband with two daughters to look after. She runs the restaurant and walks over all the odds of life to bring up her daughters.