Here Are The 7 Lies Parents Tell Their Children


We as children always looked up to our parents and thought that whatever they told us was 100% true Now as we grow up we realise many of the things told by them were actually lies told to us just to refrain us from doing them. Especially grandparents will always have so many of them up their sleeves.

I bet you will agree with me as you go on reading.

01. Oh, you swallowed the orange seed, now a tree will grow inside you.

Ya, right and branches are still coming out of my ears and nose.

02. Drinking tea will make you dark.

What say… you still believe it. Just to make you drink milk, they even fooled you by giving you milk with bournvita, terming it as bournvita ki chai.

03. Injection is like an ant bite, you won’t feel anything.

And you are still scared of that Injection needle. And time and again you believed it and got shots from doctor uncle.

04. If you don’t drink milk, all your teeth will fall.

And we used to gobble the entire milk mug just to save our teeth.

05. If you say lies crow will come and bite you.

Whenever you see crows you remember this, don’t you.

06. Where did I come from?

From the hospital or from Mama’s tummy. We believed it for years altogether and were even teased my older cousins that you don’t belong to our family we picked you up from somewhere.

07. While your milk teeth were falling, the tooth fairy took away your teeth.

And if you licked your gums you will get teeth like a dragon. We really picturised ourselves with dragon teeth or the tooth fairy taking away our teeth.