7 Extreme Level PMS Stories That Will Make You Go ROFL


They are never welcome by us, but still, have to face them every month. Periods are insane and I bet hardly there is any girl in the world who has ever liked period in her life. We all know how moody a period can be- it never shows up on time, it never comes on the same day, sometimes it may take a week to come rather coming in our usual days. Yeah! It’s kinda annoying, and we can’t help it. But at least we can have a good laugh thinking about how we tackle those weirdest days of life. Don’t you think so?

Well, if that isn’t enough to make you smile, then read these crazy PMS stories down here. This will sure make yourself feel 100% better.

#1 Uhh! This mood swings!


#2 Seriously, we could not imagine our life without chocolates!

2 crazy PMS stories

#3 Haha! I think I definitely gonna hit this line next time to someone who will try to wake me up.

3 crazy PMS stories

#4 Indeed, it is very hard to find a comfortable position.

4 crazy PMS stories

#5 Yeah! We all turn into something else when we’re PMSing

5 crazy PMS stories

#6 Is there any deep connection between Periods and pets?

6 crazy PMS stories

#7 Did you feel the same in your 7th grade?

#8 Agree! We totally start reacting differently during our periods.

#9 It’s so annoying when you don’t get your favorite brand.

I cried when they didn't have my favorite brand of tampons. Walked up to the register with store brand, snot dripping out of my nose. The male clerk bagged extremely fast.

#10 Hahaha! Feeling sad for her.

I had a craving for some fruit punch. Ended up drinking it forgetting that I was allergic to oranges. Hospital trip for me