6 web series that you should watch if you haven’t already!


web-seriesWeb series is the new cool. One can find wily teenagers discussing them at every nook and corner and people like Naveen Kasturia, Sumeet Vyas, Mithali Palkar, Anandeshwar Diwedi among others have become household names and have recently put silver screen actors to shame. These Web Series are often based on true situations and often connect better with the audience, and for similar reasons invite the eyes of some big-name brands to sponsor them. So here is how we rate them!

6. Chukiagiri


It traces the journey of one Spandan Chukia, who comes to Bombay to live his MBA dream. The show portrays hi trials and tribulations of an intern in a company, from wetting the toilet paper to taking his Boss’s dog for a walk. The show also stars the wavy-haired Aphrodite Mithila Palkar (her latest series, “Little Things” is an absolute delight too) and Aahana Kumra, though in totally contrasting roles. Though the show may seem a bit dour at times, it packs a huge surprise at the end (Nope not telling you that!)

5. Bang Baaja Baarat


Starring Angira Dhar (Remember the Lakme girl) and Ali Zaffar, this show is a hilarious take on the lives of a young, avant-garde Indian Couple who decided to get married with the love of their choice and how everything goes awry when their parents come into play. Produced by YRF, it is not a traditional Indian Mariage, DDLJ-esque series, the show is definitely a one time watch, and if you are an Angira Dhar fan, then maybe you would like to watch it a lot of times.

4. Ladies Room


Starring Saba Azad and Shreya Dhanwanthary in the lead roles, the show is based on the conversation that takes place inside ladies washrooms at various locations(including a moving train and an Abortion clinic) and is a compelling watch.Also produced by YRF, this web series includes various aspects of the life of women living in a city who wish to take the life head on and is one of our absolute favourites.

3. TVF Tripling


It would be a crime not to mention web series and TVF in the same breath, let alone leave them out of it totally. Starring Sumeet Vyas, Manavi Ghagroo and Anmol Parashar in titular roles, this show revolves around the life of three siblings(belonging to a highly dysfunctional family) who unintentionally end up on a road trip. This show is a sort of a parable on the modern family in which all the members live away from each other and search for a single medium to unite. Though the ending might seem rather abstruse, the show overall is an absolute beauty.

2. Baked


The story revolves around a small town boy Mohd. Haris who comes to Delhi to study at the “prestigious” Delhi University and falls for the really beautiful Tara Brara(portrayed by the beautiful Kriti Vij). The show also revolves around college life and the myriad distractions that come along with it,and is an absolute stunner. So make sure you watch it, like right now!

1. TVF Pitchers


I know, I know- All of knew this already and well deservedly so! This will perhaps be one of the best web series for some time to come, until off course the upcoming season 2 packs another belter. The show revolves around four twenty something dealing with the vagaries of life until they all decide to “start-up”. Starring Arunabh Kumar (The Qtiyapa guy), Naveen Kasturia, Akansha Roy among others in their ensemble cast, the show really packs a punch with its message, the dialogues (especially “Tu beer hai b****c**d”) and its cast.