5 Weird US Presidents’ Of All Time – The Bizarre Saga


Some are born Lunatics, while others give in to weird habits over the passing years. Often name and fame draw upon the strangeness and the word “weird” is strongly cast upon them. Some former Presidents of the United States of America are the perfect example to this “being weird” scenario and been tagged as the total Wachko.

I didn’t know Sir Abraham Lincoln was a licensed Bartender! Much more apparently carried the crest of a genuine weirdo throughout their Presidential tenures. And now I am going to tell you some of the insane head-scratching facts about them. The only thing you are going to say is “SERIOUSLY??”

1. The stark skinny dipper


John Quincy Adams loved a swift swim across the Washington D.C.’s famous Potomac River every morning. There is nothing strange in it right? What if I tell you that this US president liked it all naked down there. Though the fact isn’t clear that whether he fancied dipping in water nude or he used to do that deliberately for some added publicity; perhaps it was just a personalized stress buster.  But whatever the reason be this surely is a crazy one especially because he owned a title and reputation to keep up to.

Oh, and I forgot to tell you that the swim wasn’t the only peculiarity; he also had a pet alligator in the East Wing of White house. This guy is no doubt awe-inspiring.

2. Teddy Roosevelt’s frenzy for unadulterated violence

Adams wasn’t the only US President with an eccentric choice of pet. Theodore Roosevelt kept an enormous bear and a voracious lion at the White House. Besides in spite of owning a jujitsu black belt and championship in Boxing, for additional ways to kill an assault Teddy Roosevelt never strolled through the White House with a personal pistol. I wonder after all that he mastered did he really need a bullet to dismantle someone?


No wonder the duties shapes a man; a cattle rancher, former deputy sheriff followed by the position of a police commissioner. This isn’t all, Theodore was also assigned the assistant Secretary of the Navy, the governor of New York and a war hero before he became 26th US President.  Crafted as the dauntless badass his obsession with violence never evaded him.

3. The Appalling Hangman Jack

hangman-jackThe former Sheriff of Erie country Grover Cleveland had to perform his duty of executing the first-degree murder back in 1872. In later years when he was elected the president of US, he took up the task of voluntarily to hang a young Irishman convicted of killing his own mother. Why did he have to take part in such cruel ceremony when there’s no need? Did his past “cast” a spell of Insanity on him or he kept a grudge of his earlier deeds that eventually made him do it. No one knows. But his psyche was clearly under quirky influences of past which make him really weird.

4. The Charmer with an eccentric Sexuality

jfkThe famous and valiant John F. Kennedy wasn’t an exception either to the maddening peculiarity that his exalted constitutional predecessors possessed. This classic guy is also a sane badass. Historian John Richard Stephens says that “Kennedy confided with friends that he could only be satisfied with three women a day”. JFK’s sexual conquests allegedly refer to several eminent Divas including Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn. The lesser known ones being a famous burlesque stripper and rap name pioneer Blaze Starr. Surprisingly all the boning didn’t get him any “pervert” tag.

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5. The US president who emphasized on spotting a UFO himself

September 1977, Washington, DC, USA --- President Carter Speaking at Press Conference --- Image by © Wally McNamee/CORBIS

In 1969, at Lion’s Club meeting in Leary, Georgia; a little after 7:00 PM, a UFO was spotted by none other than Jimmy Carter.  Nothing queer about spotting a UFO, claims to have spotted one were pretty common with people back then. This isn’t the complete story though the actual burlesque begins later. He wasn’t just contented with avowing the UFO sightings. A few years before Carter’s tenure as US president began, he submitted a detailed report at International UFO Bureau considering it as a National threat.

It’s been decades and no ET or Megatron turned up to threaten the life on earth yet. Cynics suspected the green light Carter spotted as planet Venus and concluded the former president being subject to delusions. I don’t see a reason to disagree with them.


With all these legacy of weird US Presidents over the years, the world can only hope for Donald Trump the ensuing US President not to be the latest addition to this list.

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