5 Weird Habits You Tend To Have If You Are Smarter Than The Rest


You may have been called out for your weirdness, but did you know that actually makes you stand out? The habits and trends that you set might be strange to the majority of people, but it actually proves you’re smarter than everyone else around you.

These are some habits that are associated with higher intelligence –

1. Having an unorganised desk.

Creativity is an attribute that is possessed by smart people. If you were to believe that a smart person would indirectly also be organized, then that’s not the case. Having a messy workplace or desk depicts that you come up with ‘out of the box’ ideas because you like to break the traditional settings of learning. You are more capable of adapting to change, you possess higher imaginative and problem-solving capabilities. smart people habits

2. You stay up late in the night.

It is probably the highest form of a stereotype that creative minds. As they say, night time is dangerous so people would prefer to stay inside their homes. You had to be smarter than the rest to venture out at night. It is proven that people who like to stay up late have higher IQs. Also, they’re more curious than everyone else.

smart people habits

3. You swear.

It was believed that people who used swear words or slangs were considered to be uneducated. But it’s actually the opposite. To be able to use the correct frame of swear word while fragmenting a sentence shows a higher knowledge and adaptation of verbal and linguistic capability. It shows better emotional intelligence as well.

smart people habits

4. You like to take cold showers.

If you like to take cold showers or go swimming during the winter months, you belong to the smarter lot. It is said that people who like to give themselves an energizing jolt of cold showers tend to be more spontaneous and are likely to step out of their comfort zone more often. It is related to lower levels of stress and fatigue and improves memory power.

smart people habits


5. You get annoyed by the sound of chewing.

If you were simply too annoyed by your relative chewing loudly at dinner, you could be someone belonging to a higher IQ category. People who easily get annoyed by loud chewing noises tend to have a difficulty in filtering sensory information. It means, they’re brain are hyperactive and more creative than the rest. They aren’t able to block or filter out sensory information, hence they get bothered by something like chewing noises.

smart people habits

Now you know that these habits you possess actually make you smarter than the rest. Don’t be irritated when your folks ask you to clean your room or go to bed early, tell them it’s a sign of intelligence. v