5 ways the internet has affected our life

Life without internet now a days is like a human without hearbeat

Can we Imagine our life without the internet?? Most of us will say no!!

Internet!!!! – I miss you!!!


The Internet has turned out to be a crucial part of our life. It has transformed our lives in numerous ways. Rewind your life, a few years back, and the time when many of us were unknown to the internet. Everything was time taking and stereotype. But with the advent of this innovative networking technology world has dramatically transformed. In today’s time if you ask anyone!! Can you live without the internet??

Internet is my companion


The 90% of them will answer no. It has turned out to be an addiction and most of us feel helpless without it. Here we have some strange facts about using the internet, which will leave your mouth open wide!!

Is internet an addiction?

Life Seems Impossible without the internet!!



Internet – Please be back soon

These days it is just unthinkable to have life without the Internet. Most of you will agree that the internet has made your life easy and convenient. Today’s generation is totally dependent on technology, they always look for the internet connection to access any information without leaving their comfort zone. We hardly find anything done without its help. Undoubtedly it has turned out to be an inseparable part of life. Have you ever thought having a blind dependency on it is making us addicted?? It will be a great threat to mankind if there will be no internet.

The Internet has eliminated books, newspapers, and television!!


No hard copies anymore

Oh! Yes, the internet has changed everything the way it was before. Answer me a simple question!! What do you do when you want to look for any news, facts or information? Do you look for books, magazines or newspapers to have an access to the information? Most of you will say, when you have the internet on your smartphone, then why checking for books and newspaper!! I agree with the fact that the internet is more reliable and convenient way to access any information or news. But, on the other hand, it has replaced the books, newspapers, and other mediums. Nowadays people hardly visit the library, rather than they are more likely to browse the internet


No more carrying heavy shopping bags, everything is at your door!!!



Shop with just a click

Online shopping is the latest trend of shopping of today’s generation. These days, many online stores are available on the WorldWideWeb, enabling users shop from the comfort of your home. When you have a convenient option to shop, who actually want to invest their energy in visiting stores?

Now you can have friends Worldwide!!


Make your friends anywhere

Let’s rewind the time wheel  few years back!! You have friends who are always around you. Earlier you have friends, who get connected to you during school or college days, generally from a same city or area. But, as the time has traveled things have drastically changed, many of you must have thousands of friends across the World. With the advent the internet, there are millions of social platform running online, which has transformed the whole world into the global village. The People, these days can have thousands of friends, to whom they can connect anywhere and anytime.


You are more anxious!!!


maxresdefault (1)
Will I be able to make it today? – Image Source – i.ytimg.com

Have you ever noticed if the connection is slow, you often get restless? Being used to the internet, we are turning more anxious and impatient. The internet is the Quickest medium of communication. But is the speed is making us more anxious? We are more likely to get information in the fraction of seconds, which is killing our patience.