5 Things You’ll Know When You Meet A Good Man After A Poisonous Relationship


The thing about a poisonous relationship is that you don’t realize how damaging it is when you’re actually in it. You’re emotionally dependent on them because they are wired in a way to make you feel like that. They’ve somehow convinced you that there is nobody out there for you except them and you’ve actually come to believe it. It’s like without them you would fall into an abyss, but that is far from the truth.

It takes all the strength in your heart to step out of a poisonous relationship, just because you’ve only known how to hope that someday it would turn into something other than what it really is.

But you meet a good man and you finally realize how much impact your previous relationship had had on you.

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1. Initially, you question everything – It’s going to be extremely hard to trust someone after what you have been through. You question his words, his actions, hell, even your own thoughts. The entire framework of a relationship in your mind has been so wrong for such a long time that you’re bound to feel this way. But trust me, he’s going to treat you better and make all the questions go away.

2. You’ll feel freaked out almost all the time – You assume the worst and you jump to conclusions. You’re bewildered and you’re afraid that you’ll take him down with you. But he’s something else. He will look after you even though because he knows you’re worth it all.

3. You’ll be a flight risk for a long time – You fear that things will go wrong and it’ll end up the same way as it did earlier. You’ll turn to the exit even after a small fight or a little argument. You swore you wouldn’t put yourself in the same place again but this time it is different. This man will hold your hand through it all. He will patiently help you get over your insecurities and he will prove to you every single day that you’re special.

4. You’ll wonder why he wants to be with you – Being in a poisonous relationship, you forgot what it was like to be appreciated and be loved, so you’ll believe that you don’t deserve it. But even when you’re scared to love again, he will show you that you’re wonderful, compassionate, and amazing when you’re being yourself.

5. You’ll begin to feel what real love is – Finally, you’ll understand that love doesn’t mean trying to constantly modify another person’s personality. You’ll know love isn’t represented by jealousy or insecurities. You’ll realize that love doesn’t let you cry endlessly but it supports you even in the worst of times.

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You gave your heart to someone who was unworthy of your love. You protected them from every affliction when they didn’t care you were bleeding. But you have been strong and you overcame the darkness. A good man will not demand you to prove your love, but will simply love you with all that he has. A good man will make sure that you know you didn’t deserve all that you’ve endured in the past. And most of all, a good man will never break your heart.