5 Things to avoid while fighting with your partner


Every couple fights once in a while. Sometimes it’s about serious things and other times about little important things. The couples who get along well with each other and have a stable marriage also have different opinions at some or the other point. Fights play an important part in any relationship. Arguments are not completely bad. They only happen to those who are comfortable and flexible with each other. Fights or arguments can never happen between strangers. Married couples face life together and in many situations they are still in the learning phase of life.

Here are few tips to avoid fights with your partner:

Never fight in public


This should be the first and the foremost thing to avoid in fights. Having fights in public is the most embarrassing situation for the couple and also for the people who are witnessing the fight. One can never solve the issue in such an environment but only increases the fight and the issue.


Never fight in front of kids


Another important point to remember is to never have fights or arguments with your partner in front of your children. This puts a bad effect on the children. Constant fights between parents can mentally affect a child, can hamper the growth of the child. Also, the child can get irritated easily as they are very sensitive.


Avoid fight to hurt the other person


When a person is angry the ego tends to play a major part in the fight and this turns a small fight into war, which is very injurious to any relationship. One should never make his/her partner feel insulted by making sarcastic comments, rolling his/her eyes at him. Avoid creating situations and talks where sensitive matter is involved like if we know that our partner does not like using of particular words or names so one should try and avoid using them. Also, try not to be over-dramatic over a talk as this worsens the fight.


Don’t bring things up from the past


In the heated moments of fight, bringing things or talks from the past plays a type of bonus or sometimes bomb for an individual in taking the fight in his/her favour. However, one should avoid this as it shifts the matter of fight and also the attention from the matter. This will not resolve the fight but only extend. This actually indicates that one or the other partner is not communicating the truth of his/her anger.


Make sure what one is fighting is really the reason for fight


The fight begins on a particular topic or reason so one should actually make sure to stick to that reason only and not to lose focus from the matter. As getting diverted from the focus or the reason for fight increases the fight hence turning it into a war.

One should treat your partner with respect and politeness and also to think is it really worth to destroy a day of your lives together for something which will end soon.

So, do share these amazing tips with your partner and friends as they will save you from the embarrassment the next time you indulge in an argument with your partner.