5 Reasons to love cheese


Burgers are incomplete without it, pizzas would cease to exist. Can’t imagine a world without cheese right? Even the ones who wont go near milk in a thousand years have been known as some die hard cheese lovers, the healthiest and tastiest dairy product around. Only in America, the total number of everyday consumers is quite high. An estimate says that average American consumers consume about 23 pounds of cheese per year each, so is the situation with most of the world. There are some reasons for the world to be crazy about cheese, and let us read a few among them.

It adds to your perfect breakfast/lunch/dinner


Cheese omelette in the morning, a cheese sandwich or even burger in the lunchtime and the lovely corn cheese pizza in the night, there is absolutely no time bars when you cant enjoy the cheese. And then lets come to the snacks, the cheese is there as well. So, in short lets put it this way- cheese is always there for you, no matter what time of day it is.

No doubt, cheese is a taste enhancer


There is different varieties of cheese around for everybody who wants to have some added deliciousness to their meals. It even works for the foods who you would struggle to put in mouth, such as broccoli. A broccoli dipped in cheese would taste just marvellous. The vegetarians and the non vegetarians both can enjoy the cheese in their diverse menus and can have some added fun while mixing up the recipes.

It is one of the oldest foods


 There are enough proofs that tell us that cheese has been one of the oldest food items that have managed to pass the test of time. The 10,000 years old Greek records have claimed that they had their own way to produce cheese and they were good at it. The ancient Romans also had their fun with it. And even centuries later, the world is still obsessed with cheese.

Cheese comes in handy all the time


There are those times when you have the guests over for dinner party or your best friends are there for nightouts. Everyone feels sudden hunger cravings out of the blues and always keeping some cheese in the freezer will help you in a great deal. Just serve them some cheese with crackers and they wont even complain. Or use your creativity to its maximum in making some kickass cheese balls out of the cheese blocks sitting comfortably in your freezer.

Over 650 types exist


 Cheese is everywhere, in different forms. Indians use cottage cheese as one of their celebratory meals, Americans have it in bars, and the French have it in the form of wheels. This is everyone’s food and everybody loves it. The different variety of it only adds to his charm of the delightful taste and easy availability. Its also cheap, even the homeless could be seen every now and then having a go at the cheese blocks.

Life would be emptier without it. So just savor the taste and be thankful to the great God for blessing the humankind with cheese. There’s a cheese lover in every house. Share these amazing reasons to love cheese with your friends and they will surely fall more in love with it.