5 Reasons Why Cartoon Network Should Stop Making Cartoons!

Cartoon Network

We all have loved watching Cartoon Network in our childhood. The 90’s kids would nod with me on the fact that back then we did not have Nickelodeon, Pogo or Hungama. All we had was Cartoon Network. And the 5 pm to 6 pm schedule was a routine in front of the TV with a glass of Milo milk; Pokemon and Beyblade. Oh, the sweet childhood which Cartoon Network made better. Agree on it or not, we all loved Johnny Bravo and wanted to be just like PowerPuff Girls! And at least once in our lives, we have tried to channelize our power into the Super Siayyan mode!
But the Cartoon Network today is just crap and a disgrace on how awesome it used to be. Enough said, it really should stop making cartoons. Here’s why CN lost its glory!

1. CN lost its glory

Cartoon Network

Yes, with a lot of other channels like Disney, Hungama, and Nickelodeon popping up daily, Cartoon Network lost itself in TRP fights with these channels. With time, they all became homogeneous and Cartoon Network lost all its glory.

2. Prime time cartoons replaced

Cartoon Network

What made Cartoon Network our favorite cartoon channel was our favorite anime and cartoon series that aired during kids’ prime time. All it got replaced with action or love shows and the channel headed for a downfall. Also, sitcoms started airing. *WTF?*

3. Fresher content on others channels

Cartoon Network

Sure, there was Beyblade, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Laboratory which kept the loyal audience glued. But, with time, interesting shows like Phineas and Ferb, Spider-Man, Recess, American Dragon Jake Long and Power Rangers cropped up on other channels which took a massive chunk of the audience away.

4. Ben 10 overdose

Cartoon Network

The channel has apparently been bitten by the Ben 10 bug. The streaming of Ben 10 does not seem to ever stop on Cartoon Network! Lack of fresh content and repetitive stale content being aired is very uncool, CN!

5. CN’s iconic CEO resigns

Cartoon Network

CN’s iconic CEO, Jim Samples resigned back in 2007 and since then, the channel has not seen major highs.