5 Phenomenons Inaccessible For Science


In order to describe the natural phenomenon, science makes models. When we find something peculiar that we are not able to understand then we refer science for our answers. Still, there are a lot of things which even science doesn’t has answers of.
Here they are, the phenomenon that is challenging the theories of science.

1. Spontaneous Human Combustion

A lot of people have been telling this that the human body can turn into a ball fo fire by itself and burst open. A lot of theories have been given in books but yet science is quiet.

2. Ball lighting

Ball lightning is an unexplained atmospheric electrical phenomenon. When we talk about this we refer to balls whose size vary who are luminous. Many say that they explode sometimes with fatal consequences, leaving behind the odor of sulfur.

3. Star Jelly

Located from Scotland to Texas, there is a jelly-like substance that is evaporative. They are said to be remains of a meteor shower.

4. The Hum

The elderly population of the west says that they hear a humming sound. The origin of this sound wave is still not explained and scientists are still trying to figure it out.

5. ‘Morning Glory’ Clouds

It is a rare meteorological phenomenon which forms clouds in different areas of the world.

Such interesting phenomenon is still not under the sources of sciences.