30 SLUTTY Things that Every Woman Should do Before Turning 30


30 is the age when women start using anti-aging, anti wrinkle cream etc. So basically, the golden period of your life is before 30. Why not try things out of the box? We’ll help you make your life exciting. Here are the 30 slutty things that every woman must do before hitting 30!

1. Give a very unexpected/unplanned blowjob, just like that. For example, while he’s on phone, hit it off.

2. Make Flings on Tinder, go on dates, make random flings!

3. Use a sex toy, now this one is for those women who doesn’t generally use a sex toy.

4. Make out in public, not like in the middle of a chaos, a park probably!

5. Give your pubic hair some kinda interesting shape, for example, a dragon? Or a star!

6. Get the lingerie you’ve been craving for since long, wear them to the love making session.

7. Get yourself tattooed with the dirtiest double meaning or badass quotes.

8. Have an accidental drunk sex with a stranger somewhere in other country or place.

9. Give a guy a perfect lap dance.

10. Make a s3x tape, watch it and then delete it.

11. Have sex with your partner in a public loo, work place might work.

12. Try serial dating, flirt hard and change partners one after another.

13. Write an erotica of your own and get it published.

14. Go braless to an event.

15. Get yourself a lap dance from a guy.

16. Masturbate with your best friend and ask her to masturbate as well.

17. Wear a revealing panty to a public place and make sure it’s visible enough.

18. Play strip poker with your squad.

19. Kiss the gender you’re not attracted to and see how it feels like.

20. Experience Threesome with two other strangers.

21. Hookup with a stranger in a club or somewhere, sow your kissing skills.

22. Try twerking in front of a group of people.

23. Pass Horny gestures to a complete stranger, probably when one of you two are in motion so that you don’t have to face him.

24. Get drunk and hit on the person who is way out of your league.

25. Try anal s3x if you haven’t.

26. Click selfies while having s3x in the car.

27. Hire a pole dancer and get a private live performance while sipping wine.

28. Lick off chocolate from your partner’s body.

29. Visit a nude beach with your close friends.

30. Get your nude photoshoot done.

Slutty enough? Life is too short to give a damn to people. Go badass!