This 3-Year-Old Dresses Up Like Strong Women And The Pictures Are Unbelievably Powerful!


Being a woman is tough in itself and it can feel like the whole world is against you. But, the woman has that fire and stamina to keep fighting and being the awesome everywhere in every way.

Similarly, this 3-year-old little Scout did something bigger than her age as she got very concerned. Her mother wanted to put off her and her grandma Nonnie’s mind at ease after Nonnie was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Scout Penelope Larson wrote how this photography project started, “When Nonnie’s hair started to fall out, Scout got very concerned and I wanted to put both of our minds at ease. I needed to teach her and remind myself that women are fighters! We chose famous & fierce women to teach her about the strength that women have.”

Take a look below as they clearly nailed it:

#Zooey Deschanel & Scout

#Brie Larson & Scout

#Nonnie Is Cancer Free

#Meryl Streep & Scout

#Mindy Kaling & Scout

#Betty White & Scout

#Nonnie & Scout

#Lauren Cohan As “maggie” & Scout

#Adele & Scout

#Carrie Fisher & Scout

#Frida & Scout

#Scout &Liza Koshy

#Selena Gomez & Scout

#Moana & Scout

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#Ellen Degeneres & Scout

#Maia Mitchell & Scout

#Taylor Swift & Scout

#Emma Watson & Scout

#Malala & Scout

#Rowan Blanchard & Scout

#Ellen Page & Scou

#Millie Bobby Brown As Eleven & Scout

#The Brave Nonnie & Scout

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