These 20 Facts From Marilyn Monroe’s Personal Life Will Leave You Shocked


Stardom is never easy; it takes a lot to stay in the epitome of fashion and fame. Merilyn Monroe is a yardstick of feminine beauty even today. She was undoubtedly an absolute stunner. Even in her death, she managed to flummox everyone. But just like her beauty, the calamities of her life were very extraordinary too. While the immortal beauty of Merilyn Monroe is known to all, her struggles are rarely mentioned. This article is no fairytale that adorns the embodiment of flawless style, glamor, and happy ending only, for there was none not for her. It will frequently peek into the oddities in the life of the immortal beauty Merilyn Monroe, the struggles hidden behind the charismatic smile.

Read on for the lesser known facts from the life of the bond and beautiful Monroe.

1. Monroe was named Norma Jeane

Born on 1 June 1926 at Los Angeles County Hospital, she was named Norma Jeane. She was probably named Merilyn by Fox talent scout Ben Lyon after the famous stage actress Marilyn Miller. Monroe was her mother’s maiden name. Though there are a number of people claiming they named Norma Jeane as Merilyn Monroe but the above-stated one is most likely to be true.

2. Controversy about the last name

Baby Monroe on the left

It is quite unsure that who was the biological father of this legendary blonde. For her birth records says Mortensen; after the then husband of her mother but apparently not linked to her biologically. However, she has been using Beaker as her maiden name which was again the surname of a stepfather. So controversy quite followed her ever since birth.

3. Monroe’s mother was institutionalized for mental illness by the time she was just a toddler

3 years old Norma Jeane Aka Merilyn Monroe with mother Gladys Pearl

Norma Jeane aka our immortal beauty Merilyn Monroe had a heredity of mental problems. Though her own exposure to the same is unsure, her mother Gladys was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia and had to be sent off to the Metropolitan State Hospital. Quite a tragedy for a child to begin her early years of innocence.

4. Norma Jeane was a brunette and not a natural blonde

The legendary blonde was actually a brunette, yet she has been the greatest of the style icons for blondes till date. Norma Jean was launched as a brunette with natural curls,  but a revamp for a shampoo shoot changed it all. The straightening and lightning of her hairs strands had a marvelous effect and over the next few months, she was transformed into her new charismatic blonde avatar.

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5. The stravaiging of a distressing childhood

Foster homes were the destination of this idyllic kid for they years to follow ever since her mother was consumed by mental illness. Though the early years were happy and fulfilling but it wasn’t much stable. The bitter part was the consistent change a child has to undergo when shifting from one to another foster care.  However, in Monroe’s own words her passion and inclination for acting were invigorated when some of these foster families used to send her off to movies for long hours.

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6.  In spite of the typecast of  “dumb blond” Monroe was actually quite sharp

It was indeed an irony; even though the immortal beauty Merilyn Monroe ascended the pedestal of fame portraying “the dumb blond” she was much intelligent in real life. She never ever repeated her mistakes even in her early photoshoot days as a budding model. With an IQ of 168, the actress could have made a lasting impact anyway no matter whatever she chose. In her own words, Monroe often quipped ” it takes a smart Brunette to play the dumb blonde”.

8. As a teen, she had to deal with sexual abuse

While the critics call her a sex symbol and her life was much entangled with clandestine affairs, the much gossiped Monroe was a victim of sexual abuse in her adolescence.

8. She almost choose Jean Adair to be her name of fame

It was all set; the world would probably have known her differently. For she almost decided on the screen name Jean Adair relevant to her birth name before settling in with Merilyn Monroe. If the otherwise were to happen this glamorous click would have been deprived of the sensation that the name itself bears. Monroe is the name emblematic of the highest compliment with respect to glamor and grace to this day.

9. Monroe was quite an anomaly to female stereotypes

In spite of endorsing many exquisite jewelry brands, unlike other females of her league, Monroe was not at all intrigued by the glitters. Her song “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” did acclaim fame. But it was never able to awe her enough to be fervent of possessing precious diamonds or other significant gems as her proud collection.  However, she had a strand of pearls which she held very dear, as it was a gift of love from her beloved Jo DiMaggio.

10. Immortal beauty Merilyn Monroe went under the knife too

It was primarily because of the consistent nudging of her agent Johnny Hyde that this immortal beauty Merilyn Monroe finally gave her consent for plastic surgery. She went under the knife for two cosmetic procedures around 1958. Those were supposedly rhinoplasty and a chin implant to redefine her alluring facial features. It was a huge risk on her part, as back then the advance techniques of plastic surgery were yet to be evolved. There was a fair amount of chances that something or the other could have gone wrong. Thereby, putting her utterly successful career in the glamor world to a devastating standstill yet she had the guts to go for it.

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11. Monroe was among the first ladies to own a production house

Shortly after filing for divorce with her second husband DiMaggio she founded Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc. along with photographer Milton Greene sometime in 1955. She moved to the east coast in pursuit of roles with a finer character, leaving behind the Fox and their dumb blonde roles that she was tired of playing.

12. Fox studio tried their best to defame Monroe

When Monroe refused to work with Fox Studios, they left no stone unturned to conduct a negative publicity campaign on her. Just to make sure that all doors were closed on her face and she had to return to play the typecast of sex siren in musicals or comedy helplessly.

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13. The immortal beauty Merilyn Monroe was equally generous at heart

She was compassionate and never lacked good intent of helping the ones in need. Monroe has played a significant role in Ella Fitzgerald’s life. The popular Hollywood nightclub Mocambo denied booking to Ella as a discrimination against the American-Africans, but Merilyn took it upon herself and called the owner directly to get it sorted. This move not just gained Ella a booking at Mocambo but also changed her career for good. Not just inspiration, but she was the fire to fuel the lives of others.

14. Her desires to be a mother were marred

When the actress desperately wanted to have her own kids, fate played its foul game. For worse than her troubles with conceiving was the several miscarriages. But it wasn’t the only despair she had to deal with. In her attempt to be a mother, she also had an ectopic pregnancy in 1957. Being an actress is hard and to live up to a famous one is even harder. Subdued in her smile to the press post surgery must have been a heartbreak; waiting to let out a wail as soon as the crowd of spectators fades off.

15. Monroe relentlessly enunciated her death wish

It was just weeks before the immortal beauty Merilyn Monroe was found dead in her apartment that she expressed an intense desire to perish. Maybe she was tired and sick of her triumph over all odds and the crown of glory felt too heavy to carry on with.  Though very unlikely, her wish did come true withing a short while. Hard to say if she gave into her desire finally or perhaps just done the fighting.

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16. Only place she could call home was where she embraced death

From short stay at an orphanage to 12 different foster house, childhood never really let her feel at home. In adulthood, though she found love and family, each of them was short lived. So the homelessness just changed to frequent relocation. Until finally she settled at her own place in Fifth Helena Drive, Brentwood. In this very home, the immortal beauty Merilyn Monroe was found dead 6 months later.

17. Health issues sucked up her liveliness shortly before death

Shortcomings of her private life were much tormenting already when her decline in health surfaced to worsen things further. Most of 1961 spent in hospital recovering from surgeries to deal with endometriosis and a cholecystectomy. During this period a depression engrossed her, which though mild it must have had triggered the disastrous events that followed.

18.  The death wasn’t easy on her either, she had to gag with pills

The only struggle seems to be the consistent companion of Merilyn Monroe. While it’s the suicide that left people in complete agog little did they know that she had to struggle to swallow 40 pills without water to bring about her death; gagging yet shoving in till all was dead calm.

19. All her organs were already destroyed at the time of post-mortem

Toxicology tests could only be carried out on Marilyn Monroe’s liver, which affirmed the cause of her death to be barbiturate poisoning. All other major organs were destroyed, which ruled out the scope to carry out the autopsy it was classified as a probable suicide. Monroe was buried in a pale apple green Pucci sheath dress; as her body lay limp everyone was besotted by the last glimpse of her at the funeral.

20.  A terrible suicide or a deliberate execution?

Merilyn’s  psychiatrist Ralph Greenson suspected that the suicide was staged to cover up a murder. For the aftermath of the accident had strong hints of foul play; the sloppy investigation and tampering with witnesses, however, failed to serve as strong evidence. Though classified as a probable suicide, the death of this diva was rather mysterious to completely rule out a murder.

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