19 Things That Should Be STRICTLY Banned In India


The Republic of India is the seventh-largest country and second-most populous country and the most populous democracy in the world. India is bounded with different cultures, traditions, customs and believes. When it comes to its people, Indians supposedly live with a full freedom since they are in a democratic country! But it may seems not. There are things that should be strictly banned but there is no strong enforcement from the government.

“The Nation is on action to stand what they believe are right because they want change to take place in This country. ”

Below are random list of things that should strictly be banned in India.


1. No to item numbers

For those who are not Indians, let us define first these two words. Item numbers refer to the musical performance included in a certain part of a Bollywood movie which is not related to the main plot of the movie. According to Niharika Kulkarni, these item numbers are purposely for entertainment and improvement in the market value of the movie.

Further, item numbers should be banned because it promotes intimate scenes and luring lyrics which are not suitable for the audience (unless if you are watching alone) to watch. It also encourages youth and even adults to commit unacceptable codes of behaviors and manners in the society they lived in.


2. Saas-Bahu TV crap

bannedSaas-Bahu TV crap sets dangerous future ahead, angles meaningless stories and shows too much revenge, evil, insecurities, and quarrels. In India alone, there is a visible gap in between the mother-in-law and the daughter-in-law. Most often than not, the mother-in-law is more authoritative and powerful than the daughter-in-law. The question is, “Does Saas-Bahu TV crap help in building strong, peaceful and lifetime relationships toward others? Or does it highlights unethical and unlawful behaviors that are not seen as a practice of a normal society?


3. Cigarrettes

Action speaks louder than words. People easily imitate what is being shown on the TV screen.  In connection, most movies (not only the Bollywood movies) make smoking habits look cool to the viewers. In yet, the government warn us the harmful effects of cigarettes to our health. See, does it make sense? Not at all. It is obviously unparalleled structure of goals and missions implemented by the government.


4. Illegal drugs (not only dangerous, but it is also illegal)

Again, movies intentionally manipulate the mind of viewers through showing illegal drugs being used for luxuries means. Sadly, movies do also implicitly and explicitly emphasized the good effects of drugs to a person. Get rid of this, please. If majority of people will have the notion that illegal drugs are indeed beneficial at any sense, what will happen to our future generations? Where is DEVELOPMENT then?


5. Moral Policing.

Moral policing refers to the vigilante groups who act to enforce morality code of India. This norm should be banned because it is understandable that we are humans capable of distinguishing what is right and wrong for us. We have BRAINS and we are not ROBOTS that need someone controls our natural  and innate functions as human. If you want to know more about moral policing, navigate it here.


6. Littering

This is common to many places (not only India). The government should STRICTLY implement rules and regulations about littering.


7. Discrimination against LGBTQ community

LGBTQ is simply refers to gays and lesbians. They are still humans that need respect and love. They have the right to live a peaceful environment and to have an equal treatment from others. You don’t know what they went through that made them who they are, so, you do not have the right to make fun of their gender. Stop and banned all movies that introduced LGBTQ in a wrong way. They cannot defend themselves from people who mock them because the government cannot even empower them! Where will they find comfort if there is no laws that protect their rights?


8. Peeing in public

This should be banned permanently because it does not only creates obnoxious or stink smell to the public but it also put the lives of people living nearby in danger.


9. Rape scenes in entertainment

yhm-mathhThat is why there is government responsible of securing  the safety of everybody. If government alone allows rape scenes in the entertainment world, then, the government unsatisfactory fulfilled one of its roles. We know that entertainment showing rape scenes will only poison the healthy mind of viewers.


10. Criminals in Parliament and Legislative assemblies

If the government cannot do anything about this matter, then, they are leading the lives of people at stake! In the first place, they are the ones holding the safety of their country. But why government cannot eliminate undeserving people in the Parliament and Legislative assemblies that are not good shepherds for many? We understand that it is not easy as we think, but if only the government willingly immersed itself  and open its ears to the cries and begs of people, then, I should not included this issue in this article.


11. No to movies and books that promotes harsh reality and inequality

This may sound a small request to the government but it is big enough to make the life of people free from any discrimination in culture, believes, gender roles,  and many others. The bottom line here is “No to any physical things that cannot help people to be productive towards their society”. Don’t portray women as sexual beings.


12. Ostracizing AIDS patients and patients of other related diseases


If they are not harmful to others, there is nothing to worry about. They need help. Do not exclude them in the society. Instead, have pity on them.


13. Donations in colleges and schools


If schools conduct donations without clear purposes and reasons, then, this should be banned. It is obviously not meant for improving the standards of education or any other related issue on education.


14. Hate speeches by the leaders

Hate speeches aim in misleading the nation and accomplishing the cruelest intentions. This need a prompt action to permanently washed off hate speeches from the mouth of the so-called leaders.


15. Honor Killings

Some rural areas or places in India still practice the traditional honor killings. The government have to do an immediate action about this matter. There is no law that promotes the right to kill (Have you ever seen or heard one? Probably none.).


16. Child Labor

According to rediff.com, there are 60 millions child laborers in India. They should not supposedly work at their young age. Child labor may be banned before and up to the present but it is not that strict as it should be. There are still parents who let their child works for their survival.


17. Child marriage

According to icrw.org, one third of girls in the developing world are marrying before reaching the age of 18. One out of nine girls are married before the age of 15. This should be banned in all parts of India.


18.  Inspectors

The number of inspectors present in the government departments are increasing. It is true that the roles of inspectors are crucial since they are the ones who keep papers for businesses and corporations. However, it is so disappointing that most of them are using their power to trample one’s life. Too much inspectors may lead to rampant corruption and a poor development for businesses.


19. Exploitation in religion

According to Sachin Pawar, “If we are a nation of diversities, living peacefully will require tolerance.” He also stated in his blog that too many religions are occurring in India. Some Indians may agree to him that the government should take an action against religious extremism.

We will end here and if you have any further questions, comments or clarifications about this article, feel free to write it down on the comment box below.