17 Awkward Things People Do When They Are In A Relationship


It has been rightly said by the modern day legends that when you are able to comfortably fart in front of your partner then dear you are in true love (LOL). Remember your initial dating days when you use to be very conscious about how you eat or laugh and now burping together after the happy meal is like your relationship ritual. Here are few hilarious snaps of the most humiliating things that partners do, trust me they are like peals of laughter.

#1. This is how she reacted when she missed her favourite food truck

#2. Her husband is very fond of their dog it seems

#3. Even the cat seems to enjoy the dance

#4. He did not part away with the little kid inside him and so he decided to work out with his toy truck

#5. This girl had lost her husband, and this is how she founds him

#6. She found her partner working like this in his office

#7. Nothing can be saved from girls’ detective eyesight

#8. What is happening to boys these days? Animals turning mystic it seems

#9. Wo-Oh

#10. This is what modern betrayal looks like

#11. Loving dad spending quality time with his baby

#12. It looks like she is terribly afraid of heights

#13. She is saying that she has nothing to wear

#14. His wife’s secret if finally out

#15. Harsh summers, poor dogs! VIP treatment

#16. This is how she is dieting

#17. She had to wear it urgently, and the dryer was not working

Did you too relate with them? Then why are you waiting share it with your friends and partners.