15 Times Khloë Kardashian Was Totally You


Keeping Up with the Kardashians is one of the highest viewed reality T.V. series around the world. It was filled with so many good and surprising moments of Kardashians under one roof. Com’on we all had a good laugh every time we switch to the show; I even cried during a ton of episodes. Thank goodness for this show else we never came to knew about Kris, Kourtney, Kim, Khloë, Kendall, and Kylie!

We come in a dilemma when we’ve to pick a favorite Kardashian, but I have to say, Khloë is definitely the sassiest and funniest one! Don’t you think she’s the smartest to answer to everything and also she has got the art of not caring what other people think. These qualities of Khloë made you say every time, “Yup, that’s totally me.”

 1. Yeah! Girl I feel you!

Khloë had the same thoughts as us about what she’s doing in life.


2. When she knew the one and only way to win at a breakup


2. Khloë was honest about she felt about socializing!


3. When she admitted she just didn’t want to do something that someone asked her to do. 


4. When you hate drama when you’re involved but then you can’t help but love it when you see it from afar. 

“WHAT?! He’s doing what now?!”


5. And When someone told Khloë what she already knew and she had the perfect response.


6. When Khloë came prepared to a session of calling someone out. Khloë


7. When she was all of us talking about our existence and what we do every day.

I’m so cool!


8. When you get to a party and want to announce your presence. 


9. When you’re visiting family and they all ask you why you’re single. 


10. When you see your friend clearly about to ruin their lives and they still won’t listen to you. 

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