15 Things You Can Do In Delhi For Free


We need to have money on our pocket every time we want to go out for adventure. But do you know that there are places in the world where you can do a lot of activities for free? Lets take a look to Delhi. There are many activities you can do in Delhi for free. Below are the list of activities.

1. Eating at Bangla Sahib

DelhiBangla Sahib gurudwaras offers free meals to more or less 10, 000 people a day. You can also get here a free Kara Prashad dessert. Moreover, you can go to some gurudwaras scattered around the city as alternative option to Bangla Sahib.

2. Raahgiri Day

DelhiYou can spend your Sunday morning in Delhi and join the crowd doing exercises for free. Example of other activities you can do are Zumba, jogging, aerobics, dance classses, yoga and many others.


3. Visit Delhi Cycling Club

If you want to join the club, you have to send a request email attaching your complete personal details. Then, sign on their online group. After the approval of your entry, you can start cycling in Delhi Cycling Club for free.


4.Visiting Rashtrapati Bhavan

Rashtrapati Bhavan conducts Change of Guards Ceremony every Saturday. If you want to attend the ceremony, you have to take your photo ID with you.


5. Delhi offers free slacklining

Actually, you can join the slacklining no matter what is your age, sex, and fitness level. As long as you can do it, why not go for it? After all, it is free!


6. Join Delhi Pencil Jammers for free

In definition, Pencil Jammers is an open small community for people who love to draw. They hold regular workshops, training, events, and contests . Activities here are free!


7. Visit some religious sites

They do not charge any fee but they encourage you to give donations. Example of these religious sites are Jama Masjid, Nizzamudin Dargah and Lotus Temple.


8. Have fun with the birds and bees

Watch the birds and bees moments at the Section 52 of Gurgaon. Entry is free in mornings and evenings.


9. Visiting Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin

This comes alive while it is being accompanied by the sound of Qawwalis every Thursday evening.


10. Using open air gyms

NDMC provided open air gyms around the city for public use.


11. Visiting museums

saMost of the museums scattered around the city were funded by the government so it has only nominal ticket charges.


12. Little Free Library in Sarita Vihar

Leave one book behind as you take a book from free box of books.


13. National libraries

Examples of libraries where you can read books for free are Delhi Public Library, Shastri Bhavan and Archaeological Survey of India.


14. Attend film screenings, seminars and lectures

India Habitat Centre, Italian Cultural Centre, American Centre, Instituto Cervantes and Japan Foundation regularly holds such events like film screenings, seminars, and lectures.


15. Gallery visits

You can go to National Gallery of Modern Art, India Habitat Centre, Espace Delhi Art Gallery or Vadehra Art Gallery if you want  to see some collections and fine arts.

You want to add more? Okay, you are free to write it on the comment box below!